Steve Bannon demands “deconstruction” from “stormtroopers” as Republicans take office in the Oval Office

Donald TrumpFormer White House Chief Strategist Steve bannon When he called on Saturday, he evoked the future of dystopia. “Stormtroopers” for quick “disassembly” The state as soon as the Republicans re-enter the Oval Office.

Bannon made a horrifying comment in a telephone interview with NBC News after reporting that he had met a loyal party on Wednesday. Get ready to “restructure the government” With Republican leaders.

“If you want to take over the management status, Dismantle itThen we must immediately prepare an assault force to take over, “Bannon told NBC. “I gave them fire and sulfur.”

Bannon, who ran Trump’s 2016 campaign, said the former president’s agenda to squeeze supporters into the government was delayed because he couldn’t move fast enough to fill about 4,000 posts.

According to the NBC, Bannon spoke at the Capitol Hill Club on Wednesday at the invitation of a new organization called the Republican Presidential Appointment Association. This group was formed as a resource for future Republican executives to harness to get their federal work done quickly.

Bannon told NBC that he hopes that “pre-trained teams are ready to dive into federal agencies” when the next Republican president takes office.

“We are going to have a big win in 2022. This is just a prelude to the big win in 2024. This time we are ready. And we are looking at MAGA’s perspective rather than standard Republican policy. I have, “he said, referring to Trump’s slogan,” Make America Great Again. “

Bannon Four close friends of Trump summoned earlier this week Appears in front of the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 riots. Investigators said Bannon urged Trump to focus on his efforts to return to the White House on January 6th. He gathered his audience on his “War Room” broadcast that day, “all hell will break out.”

Bannon admitted in a podcast last week that he told Trump before the riots: Kill this [Biden] Management of the forage tub.. That led Harvard’s constitutional experts Lawrence Tribe I wonder why Ministry of Justice He had not convened a grand jury to consider the charges against Banon.

Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Former Trump Social Media Chief Dan Scavino The committee also summoned Kash Patel, a former Pentagon employee and an aide to the House Intelligence Committee.

Playing cards Forgave Banon earlier this yearFaced multiple fraud cases in the Southern District of New York after being charged with stealing money from Trump supporters who donated to a charity he manages a year ago.

For more information on subpoenas for Banon and other Trump cohorts, see the video clip above. The Banon section begins at 8:20.

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