Steve Bannon’s audio reveals that Trump plans to claim an early victory


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A few days before the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump declares victory on election night, even without evidence of his victory, according to Steve Bannon’s leaked conversation recorded before the vote. I was already planning that.

By voice, recorded three days before the election, Mother Jones On Wednesday, Banon told a group of peers that Trump already had plans for a November 3 vote.

“What Trump is trying to do is declare victory. Right? He intends to declare victory, but that doesn’t mean he’s the winner,” Banon told the group with a laugh. rice field.

“I’m going to say he’s the winner.”

The audio release is due to Banon’s upcoming trial on Monday for criminal insults after ignoring the subpoena from the House Select Commission last year. Attack on the US Capitol In 2021.

On Wednesday, Banon lawyers again asked a federal judge to postpone the trial, Quote References to some of his past comments at the selection committee hearing on Tuesday, and a planned broadcast of the CNN documentary in Banon the day before his trial began.

According to Banon lawyers, both cases create “a very serious risk of prejudice here” among jury trials. CNBC..

Federal Judge on Monday Rejected Banon’s previous motion to postpone the trial ruled that Banon was unable to provide two of his main defenses to the jury.

It was after Banon said he was ready to testify in front of the House Selection Committee. Rejected As “the last attempt to avoid accountability,” the Justice Department said US district judge Karl Nichols had to proceed with the trial.

Prior to the 2020 elections, Trump was reported to have planned to declare victory early. Mother Jones’ Audio Banon states that the former president planned to “take advantage” of the possibility that Democratic postal voting would be aggregated later than direct Republican voting.

Trump is at that very time after the election, Claim: “Frankly, we won this election,” even if millions of ballots haven’t been counted yet, and Fox News-correctly- Called Arizona For Joe Biden.

“Because I’m sitting here today,” Banon described in the second half of the audio a scenario in which Trump led early in the swing state. m winner. Game over. Smoke it. “”

Mother Jones said an hour-long voice was recorded during a meeting between Banon and supporters of exiled Chinese mogul Guo Wengui, who helped Banon launch a series of right-wing websites. Stated.

Banon said at the meeting that Democratic supporters are more likely to vote by mail than Republicans. That is, their votes will be counted and reported later.

According to the audio, that would lead to the general perception that Trump had won the election. Mr Banon said the Democratic Party “will suffer a natural disadvantage.”

“And Trump intends to take advantage of it. That’s our strategy. He intends to declare himself a winner.”

“So when you wake up Wednesday morning, it will be a big fire,” Banon said.

“You will have Antifa, crazy. Media, crazy. The court is crazy. And Trump sits there with the intention of mocking and mutters shit:’You lose. I’m the winner. I am the king.'”

Axios Prior to the 2020 election, Trump reported, “I confidently said that if he looks” ahead “, he will declare victory on Tuesday night,” Banon said. In his podcast Election day when Trump claims victory “just before the 11 o’clock news”. Mother Jones Audio supports both claims.

Trump, the only US president to be impeached twice, lost the election. Biden won 306 voters against Trump’s 232. About 81.3 million people voted for Biden, compared to Trump’s 74.2 million.