Steve Bannon’s defense sent another letter to the Commission on January 6 stating that he and others would not cooperate.

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Steve Bannon at Trump Tower in New York. Associated Press Photo / Evan Vucci

  • Steve Bannon has doubled by rejecting the January 6th Commission’s subpoena.

  • Lawyer Robert J. Costello sent another letter on Wednesday stating that his client would not obey.

  • Playing cards Legal team He instructed the former president’s aide not to obey the subpoena.

Steve Bannon’s defense team wrote another letter House Select Commission to investigate the January 6 attack on the US CapitolHe and other Trump allies insisted that they would not prepare a subpoena document for the claim of executive privilege of the former president, According to ABC News.

“Mr. Bannon’s position does not go against your committee’s subpoena. Rather, Mr. Bannon reveals President Trump’s information as he states that President Trump’s lawyers are exercising executives and other privileges. He said he had instructed him not to create or testify to any documents that could be made. Lawyers are trying to protect them legally. ” Bannon’s lawyer, Robert J. Costello, writes.

This is the second letter from Bannon’s team to Congressman Bennie Thompson, chairman of January 6, stating that former Trump adviser will not obey.

In early October, playing cards Legal team Instructed former presidential aides, including Bannon, not to obey parliamentary subpoenas Published in September.

At that time, the Commission also requested documents from former Trump administration officials Mark Meadows, Dan Scavino, and Kash Patel. The subpoena asked Bannon and Patel to sit for testimony on October 14, and Meadows and Scabino to sit the next day, but all rejected these prospects.

The conflict is whether Trump, as former president, can exercise executive privilege to defy the subpoena in this context. The current executive, President Joe Biden, has relinquished his privileges and asked the Commission to send a document.

on Wednesday, According to NBC NewsThe White House lawyer requested the National Archives to promptly submit Trump-related documents to the Commission on January 6.

“The president has also instructed us to provide these pages 30 days after notifying the former president, unless ordered by a court,” according to NBC News.

Rep. Liz Cheney Said on Tuesday The Commission is ready to file criminal insults against the person who ducked the subpoena.

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