Stolen firearms and trailers recovered in the Peel area: Peterborough Police

Freedom Convoy organizers say sources have informed them that the “malicious element” is intended to plant weapons on Ottawa’s protest site.

Police say a trailer carrying “massive” firearms was found after being reported stolen over the weekend in Peterborough, Ontario.

and news release On February 16, police in Peterborough said a trailer containing more than 2,000 firearms had been recovered in the Peel area, although the exact location was not disclosed.

“The trailer and its contents have been returned to Peter Barra, and Peter Barra police will work with the manufacturer to examine the item to determine if there is still something missing,” police said.

Savage Arms, a firearms maker based in Lakefield, Ontario, said the theft involved one of its transportation partners. Lakefield is a small town 16 kilometers north of Peter Barra.

“The incident involved Savage Arms products,” said Arkaspar, the company’s president and chief executive officer. Global news On February 14, “Strict security measures have been implemented and local governments are immediately notified and are leading an active investigation.”

Police said the theft occurred from the yard of a shipping company in Parkhill Road East, Peterborough, around 3 am on February 13.

On the afternoon of February 14, police confirmed that all stolen firearms were small calibers and that there was no ammunition for firearms on the trailer.

According to police, the stolen truck was in Brampton, Ontario on the night of February 14. At that time, trailers and firearms were not found on the truck.

In the latest news release, police said they were looking for individuals who were still involved in the theft.

and Video update On February 13, Michael Jackson, a detective staff sergeant in the investigation services division of Peterbara Police Services, said the theft appeared to be “an isolated opportunity crime, not a targeted case.”

Meanwhile, the organizers of Freedom Convoy in Ottawa have received information from credible sources that “malicious elements” are planning to plant weapons at demonstrations in Ottawa to undermine the credibility of the protest. Stated.

“Today, February 14, we may plant firearms, especially around Ottawa’s free convoy, to use as an excuse to discredit protests and forcibly eliminate peaceful protesters. We received information from multiple trusted sources that there is, “said Daniel Bruford. A former RCMP officer who safely assists the organizers of the opposition movement in a video post on the convoy’s Facebook page.

“Due to the nature of this information, I felt it was wise to notify the general public for security.”

According to Bruford, “private intelligence” correlates with more than 2,000 firearms reported stolen in Peterborough on February 13.

“Our sources have informed us that these weapons may have been planted by malicious elements, and at this point we are the ones behind this sabotage. I don’t know any more about it, “he said.

“As soon as we received this information, we notified the appropriate cooperating authorities, including Ottawa Police, Ontario Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and Parliamentary Protection Services.”

Katabella Roberts contributed to this report.

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