Storm Announcer deaths increase to 88 in Africa

Locals see a shipwreck swept during the flooded Shire tropical cyclone Ana on January 26, 2022, at the exit of Lake Malawi in Tabwa village in the Chikwawa district of southern Malawi. .. (Eldson Chagara / Reuters)

Johannesburg — Tropical Cyclone Announcer has killed at least 88 people in southern and eastern Africa, but restoration work is still ongoing.

Storm Anna passed Madagascar on January 22, and heavy rainfall had already continued. The country declared a state of emergency on Thursday night, reporting an increase in deaths from Anna to 48, and people were killed or washed away by landslides and collapsed buildings.

Announcer then landed in Mozambique on January 24, after 20 people were reported dead and then moved inland to Malawi, where a major power outage occurred. Malawi’s death toll increased to 20 on Thursday.

Roads damaged by tropical cyclone Anna
Locals carry their luggage on January 26, 2022, in the village of Tabwa in the Chikwawa district of southern Malawi, past a block road damaged by a tropical cyclone Anna. (Eldson Chagara / Reuters)

According to the United Nations, Anna has affected hundreds of thousands of people in all three countries, leading to widespread flooding and destruction.

The area has been repeatedly hit by severe storms and cyclones in recent years, destroying homes, infrastructure and crops and expelling many.

In some cases, communities that are still recovering will be hit again and the impact will be even greater.

House destroyed by tropical cyclone Anna
A woman looking at a house destroyed by a tropical cyclone Anna in the village of Kanjeza in the Chikwawa district of southern Malawi on January 26, 2022. (Eldson Chagara / Reuters)