Storm destroys structure of Aztec ruins in Mexico City

Mexico City — The roof that partially protected one of Mexico’s most important ancient ruins collapsed late Wednesday under the weight of heavy rains and hailstorms, and the glitz that once housed the elite warriors of the Aztec Empire. It caused a small amount of damage to the temples.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador promised to repair the damage to the Eagles’ house, which was covered with a large metal roof of modern architecture that had collapsed due to the storm on Thursday. The building is adjacent to the ruins of Aztec’s most sacred shrine, known as Templo Mayor.

The Mexican Ministry of Culture said in a statement Thursday that the damage to the ruins was “minor, recoverable and recoverable,” adding that the removal of the collapsed roof would begin soon.

The House of Eagles features finely carved relief sculptures along walls and benches, depicting warriors participating in processions and phlebotomy rituals. Even after Spain conquered the Aztec capital in 1521, and the city was subsequently destroyed, the remains of painted murals remain visible for five centuries.

In a post on Twitter, Templo Mayor’s chief archaeologist, Leonardo Lopezuljan, expressed relief that major damage to the structure and its decorations had been avoided.

“I’m not superstitious, but I’m blessed with Tezcatlipoca!” He equipped, referring to the major Aztec gods related to providence and witchcraft.

Lopez Lujan told Reuters that three guards seeking evacuation from the storm under the roof had “miraculously” escaped when they fell. According to the Ministry of Culture, one was slightly injured.

The ruins of Templo Mayor, which the Aztecs believed to be the center of the universe, are located next to the colonial Catholic Cathedral, right next to the main Zocalo Square in the Mexican capital.

The open-air ruins, along with the adjoining museum that houses the monumental sculptures found there, have been a major tourist attraction for decades.

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