Storm Henri causes heavy rains in the northeast and disrupts travel


Henri suffered from depression after landing earlier on Sunday night As a tropical cyclone On Rhode Island Knockout power Over 100,000 homes have caused flight cancellations and brought record rainfall to New York City.

Yes, but: The states of southern New England and the northern Mid-Atlantic will move inland until Monday, so heavy rains and floods are expected. National Hurricane Center I warned.

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Big picture: The airport seems to have remained open after Henri landed on Sunday afternoon, Over 1,000 flights Canceled in the United States and abroad or within the United States, according to the flight tracking website FlightAware.

What they are saying: President Biden said on Sunday that the government, in addition to him, mobilized resources to support the affected areas. Already approved the urgent declaration For Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York.

Photo: Henri Eyelashes Northeast

Following flash floods from the tropical cyclone Henri in Helmetta, NJ, evacuated residents turn to floating debris. Photo: Tom Brenner via Getty Images / AFP

After a flash flood in Helmetta, New Jersey, rescue workers walked through high waters. Photo: Tom Brenner via Getty Images / AFP

A woman is standing in a flooded street in boots during a tropical cyclone Henri in Groton, Connecticut on Sunday. Photo: Joseph Prezioso / AFP via Getty Images

During a tropical cyclone Henri in New London, Connecticut, a fallen tree broke many power lines as a strong wind tore a weak branch and uprooted the root system from the ground. Photo: Joseph Prezioso / AFP via Getty Images

As the tropical cyclone Henri approaches, it rains on Times Square and people cross the street. Photo: Kena Betancur / AFP via Getty Images

I’m walking on a flooded road during a tropical cyclone Henri on Sunday in Westerly, Rhode Island.Photo: Scott Eisen / Getty Images

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