Story RCMP’s ex-neighbor did “nothing” in NS killer spouse abuse


A former neighbor of a man who murdered Nova Scotia in 2020 told her story that RCMP “did nothing” when she reported violent domestic violence years before the rampage. I supported it on Tuesday.

Brenda Forbes said, “You bet,” when asked at a hearing if she still holds that view, despite a different story from the RCMP investigator at the time. I did.

Forbes, a military veteran in his 60s, told two “young” consuls that the murderer had attacked his spouse Lisa Vanfield in the summer of 2013, and she and her husband were murdered. I was looking at a weapon at his house.

Forbes did not follow up after hearing her account when meeting them at work in Debert, Nova Scotia, in a previous statement to the media after 22 people were killed in April 2020. Said that.

Forbes said in a Tuesday investigation that he was informed of the assault by the murderer’s uncle, Grin Wartman. She called Grin Wortman in front of the officer, put him on the speakerphone, and said his uncle refused to speak to them because he was afraid that Gabriel Wortman would kill him.

“Nothing is done. Nothing. Zip,” she testified on Tuesday.

Retired RCMP police officer Troy Maxwell told a hearing in an interview when he spoke to Forbes on July 6, 2013, that he was dissatisfied with the murderer who “teared” the neighborhood in an unmarked police car. Maxwell has not yet testified under the oath.

“When I looked back at this case and remembered everything I remember, there was no domestic claim of any kind. Other than he was running around in an old, obsolete police car, of other kinds of complaints. There were no complaints, “Maxwell told the investigative interviewer on April 29.

However, his handwritten memo from July 6, 2013, entered as evidence, included “Lisa” in parentheses in the margin, as well as the names of Forbes and Gabriel Wortman, as well as Grin. It also contains the name of Wartman. When asked by an investigator, Maxwell said he wrote down “Lisa” because he didn’t know who Grin Wartman was and said Forbes was the name of Gabriel Wartman’s wife.

Grin Wartman reported the assault to police in May 2020, stating that he and several friends were drinking beer on Wartman’s property, and left after Wartman made a rough comment about Banfield. rice field.

My uncle said he knew that Wartman was “off the rails” and went to investigate Banfield after a while. As I approached her property in Wortman through the woods, I saw him straddle her. – From her. “

During an interrogation by a Federal Justice Department lawyer representing RCMP, Forbes said the murderer threatened her after she reported the assault, but she did not call the police again.

“The reason I didn’t report this to the police … I lost a lot of respect for the police. I thought I couldn’t do anything,” she testified.

Forbes also first noticed Wartman’s domestic violence when he came to her door a few years after moving to Portapeak in 2002, after Banfield was attacked by a murderer, and sought help. I testified that it was time. Forbes advised her neighbors to seek her help, but she said she remembered that she was afraid of her partner who threatened her family.

“She was definitely afraid he would chase her,” she testified from her home in Alberta.

Brenda’s husband, George Forbes, has not taken an oath testimony. However, he said in an interview that when the couple was in Wartman’s garage in 2002 or 2003, Wartman opened “two boxes” containing firearms. He said the weapons were “not your usual weapons to buy at the gun show”, and they looked like pistols.

According to the evidence presented in previous investigations, the RCMP did not seek a weapons search warrant at Gabriel Wartman’s residence prior to the shootings.

Police reported in 2010 that Grinwartman threatened to kill his parents in Moncton, New Brunswick, more than five years after the murderer’s father, Paul Wortman. Evidence was presented that he opposed seeking an investigation warrant. , I was looking at a weapon in my house.

After reporting Lisa Banfield’s assault to police, Brenda Forbes became more terrified of the murderer, and she and her husband sold their homes, first to Trulo, then to Halifax, and then to Halifax. After encountering the murderer, go to Alberta.

Forbes emotionally when he testified that he regretted not telling homebuyers John Saar and Joan Thomas about the dangers Gabriel Wortman believed to pose to the community. became.

“People who bought it, he killed them and he burned down the house,” she said.

Michael Tutton

Canadian press