“Stranger Things” star answers the most important questions about Vecna’s crotch

“”Stranger ThingsStar Jamie Campbell Bower said it took more than seven hours a day to put on Vecna’s costume. And that may not have been the hardest part. Katie Babs of Sirius XM learned when she asked the actor how she peeed in the character.

According to Bauer, the upper half of the outfit was basically glued, but the lower half was like trousers with flaps “from the chest.” [to] Under the intergluteal cleft. “

Even with the flaps, he needed the help of a special make-up artist.

“Poor Duncan German in a suit for me,” Bauer said. “Every day he will have to be there.”

How about Vecna's pee?  (Photo: Netflix)

How about Vecna’s pee? (Photo: Netflix)

How about Vecna’s pee? (Photo: Netflix)

When the flaps opened, Bauer had another problem with his outfit.

“I also have this big hand like these giant fingers, and I have these nails glued to the other side so I can’t touch anything without everything falling apart “He said. “It’s not very easy.”

So Bauer needed someone else to stand at the bathroom door.

“I’m like hovering over a urinal,” he said. “Shame is very realistic.”

German posted a clip of the interview on Instagram, writing:

Last month, the official Stranger Things Twitter account shared a video that condensed the 7-hour make-up process into just 40 seconds.

There was no restroom break, but the clip shows that Vecna ​​is engaged in some activities that don’t happen upside down, such as chatting on the phone and drinking iced coffee.

Vanity Fair details the process of creating Vecna, thanks to Barry Gower’s make-up, prostheses, and visual effects.

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