Street preacher suing London police after judge abandons hate speech case


A woman who was dragged into a London court on suspicion of “hate speech” in an open-air preaching said she would sue the Metropolitan Police Department after determining that the judge had no case to answer.

Hazel Lewis, 49, was arrested on February 12, 2020, outside Finsbury Park Station in North London, where she was preaching.

Initially, three accused her of stabbing homosexuals and non-believers, resulting in her arrest on suspicion of racist and homosexual abuse under Article 4 of the Public Order Act. ..

When her innocent allegations were substantiated at the station by recording, police instead accused her of harassing her, causing vigilance and distress, for violating Article 5 of the Public Security Act.

Luis initially refused a legal representative because he was convinced of his innocence, but was later supported by the Christian Legal Center, the legal department of Christian Concern.

She is currently going to file a proceeding against the police. statement By Christian Consern.

Andrea Williams, CEO of the Christian Legal Center, said in a statement, “Since the turn of the century, the arrest of street preachers has been set despite strong case law defending their freedom. I’ve seen escalations of concern. “

“It’s horrifying to see one false accusation to the police preaching on her own, handcuffed, arrested and charged.”

“Police decided to prosecute her for whatever evidence, and we were relieved that the court saw through it.”

The Metropolitan Police Department said in a statement emailed to The Epoch Times:

“On February 12, 2020, Ms. Lewis was charged with using threatening, abusive, or insulting words and actions that could harass, warn, and hurt others. Had nothing to do with homosexual harassment or racist language.

“She was charged after the disability penalties were denied.”

The Metropolitan Museum of Art said it had not yet received a legal claim against them.

Judge, Julia Newton, Said Her decision was that there was “no answer” to the crimes that caused harassment, vigilance, and distress.

“The defendant is said to have said,’You are Satan’s defender and I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.’ I don’t think those words are threatened. These words were certainly opposed. I don’t think they were abusive either. “

“Furthermore, in relation to pain. Is clear. [a witness] Disturbed and found to be uncomfortable. She said others were suffering. She said she was suffering and found these words unpleasant. But it does not cause harassment, vigilance, or pain. “

Lewis said in statement A street preacher like herself is a “simple target for the police.”

“Many of us are illegally fined, arrested and prosecuted instead of receiving equal protection and support. Citizens who comply with all laws have the right to expect and are confident. Must be. “

“I’m worried [about] What if there was no recording? “

Simon Veazey

Simon Veazey

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