Striptease workers fired 50 times when they returned from work, according to Texas Sheriffs.


A mother who returned from work at a gentleman’s club was killed early Tuesday morning after being shot 50 times, according to Texas officials.

A woman identified by a friend of KHOU 31-year-old Vallee ShadankanDied at the scene After she got out of the car In western Harris County, Major Susan Cotter said. According to Cotter, investigators determined that an unknown suspect had fired when he left the dark sedan and pulled Duncan into the garage. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

Lawmakers are investigating the shooting, and Gonzales asked nearby residents to check surveillance cameras. No information about the suspect has been released.

According to Cotter, no one was at home at the time of the shoot at 5:30 am. Lawmakers found Duncan’s body in the garage next to a car with a bullet hole in the window. According to Cotter, she was “shot multiple times.”

Duncan Returning from work at Club Onyx, According to the Houston Chronicle, Area Strip Club. She was the mother of an 11 year old boy.

The boy’s father, Timothy Richard, wonders why Duncan was killed.

“It must be something else behind this. She is not like that“Richard told KTRK. “She doesn’t get into any quarrel. As I said, she’s a very kind person.”

Neighbor Giana Delaney, who lives in the area, heard the shooting and said she was afraid to look out the window because of uncertainty about the shooter, KHOU reported.

Richard said their son did not handle the shooting of his mother.

“He just told me that his emotions were mixed,” Duncan told Chronicle. “That is, he is a child.”