Strong winds hitting Metro Vancouver following a weekend waterspout

Environment Canada warns Strong wind After a weekend storm, it struck Metro Vancouver, Howe Sound, and Inland Vancouver Island on November 8th and 9th.

According to Environment Canada, the “rapidly deepening meteorological system” will generate strong southeasterly winds from the night of November 8 in the Metro-Vancouver region, with southeasterly winds “up to 50 km / h and gusts reaching 70.” That is. In the statement..

Strong winds of 40 to 60 degrees per hour turn southwest on the morning of November 9, and continue throughout the day, affecting Howe Sound and the inland area of ​​Vancouver Island.

Another notification From the Environment Canada, strong winds from the “strong Pacific Front” arriving along the British Columbia coast on the afternoon of November 8 along the Straits of Georgia and Halo, including Greater Victoria, the South Gulf Islands, and the east. It warns that it will affect the community. Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast.

The storm blows a strong southeasterly wind at 70 km / h to 90 in the evening. The wind turns southwest and softens the next morning.

“There can be damage to buildings such as shingles on the roof and windows. Strong winds can throw loose objects or break tree branches. Injuries caused by falling trees or branches. To prevent this, avoid wooded areas. Campers should be moved to sturdy shelters, “says Environment Canada.

Extreme weather on weekends in Vancouver tornado Witnessed near Vancouver International Airport on the evening of November 6, then heading towards West Vancouver and Howe Sound, the Canadian Ministry of the Environment began issuing a rare tornado watch that night.

The weekend storm also damaged the University of British Columbia campus, causing local transport to reroute several bus routes within the university campus.

“The University Boulevard from Blanca Street to Wesbrook Mall is closed to all traffic due to the fallen trees caused by the storm yesterday,” Translink said in a statement on November 7, and Vancouver City said. I’m waiting for you to cut down. ” .. “

According to TransLink, it can take several days for the cleanup to complete.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.