Stubborn flooding continues across Australian states

It depicts the unfortunate situation of continuing flooding in communities in Australia’s New South Wales (NSW), Victoria and South Australia, following months of heavy rainfall in multiple watersheds. .

As New South Wales enters the 74th day of its flood crisis, dozens of emergency warnings were issued across eastern Australia on Sunday as flood peaks continue to wreak havoc around inland rivers.

In the small New South Wales town of Mullamaine, locals band together to protect their homes and keep the beer flowing, even as the Edward River cuts off all access roads and isolates the community. I’m here.

Residents were told to evacuate in place by state emergency services on Tuesday, and the river reached 6.2 meters and continued to rise Saturday night.

The small town of about 500 people is expected to remain closed until December.

“People are working day and night to build dikes around their homes and along riverbanks to keep their homes from flooding,” Tamara Lee of Mooramein Bowling Club told AAP.

Despite the flooding, the Bowls Club remains open and has plenty of beer on hand, Lee said.

“We have some farmers working all night.

NSW SES issued 12 emergency alerts, including new floods in Kondvorin and Youravalon, followed by one flood rescue overnight and responded to 90 calls for assistance.

The Lachlan River is slowly starting to decline, but is still above the record level set in 1952.

Flooding has also affected the nearby towns of Jemalong and Hillston, with waters not expected to recede until next week.

The western towns of Hay and Baranard, near the Victorian border, have also been hit by massive flooding, with the Murrumbidgee River peaking next week.

Twelve emergency alerts were issued in New South Wales on Saturday afternoon, with 71 areas subject to surveillance action.

Victorians living around the Murray River were also told to prepare to evacuate as the peak approached the towns of Collignan, Nanguilok, Irak and the northwestern corner of Lambert Island.

“The Murray River rises, rises and falls so slowly that flooding will continue for weeks in the area,” VicEmergency said Saturday.

Murray on Boundary Bend has also experienced massive flooding, surpassing historic water levels seen in 1975.

Flood warnings have also been issued for parts of the upper and lower Murray River in South Africa.

The river peaked in early December and is expected to peak again at higher levels towards Christmas.

Nina Nguyen


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