Students who are denied a diploma after wearing the Mexican flag on their gown will receive the award four days later.

Asheboro, NC – Students received their high school diploma on Monday, four days after the principal refused to submit at the graduation ceremony and caused a social media storm. Because the teen wore the Mexican flag over his gown..

More than 100,000 people signed an online petition on Monday asking Ever Lopez to award a diploma. As the controversy intensified, police conducted additional patrols in and around Ashboro High School, at least stating: 10 threatening emails I sent it to the school staff.

“I’m grateful that I got what I deserve,” Ever said on Monday.

His mother, Margarita, held a diploma in front of a large number of journalists and supporters. “I have an Ever diploma,” she said with an interpreter. “And it’s not just Ever’s diploma. It’s all of our diplomas and community diplomas.”

The incident ignited a rally of 25,000 citizens 85 miles northeast of Charlotte. The state-wide Latino advocacy group, Siembra NC, held a rally for Lopez and his family and held a rally. Promise full support..

“We have members who have actually stood up and are fighting against ICE, wage thieves and discrimination at school here in the neighborhood of Ashboro,” said organizer Kelly Morales. What.

Lopez held the flag at the Asheboro High School graduation ceremony on Thursday night, sat down and hung it on his shoulder. No one mentioned the flag until he got on stage, he said.

“I did it for my family,” he said. “They came here to give me a good future.”

A high school student wearing the Mexican flag on a graduation gown. He left without a diploma.

Ever Lopez and his mother Margarita and diploma.

Ever Lopez and his mother Margarita and diploma.

Asheboro City School officials said last week that the violation of Lopez’s dress code was “significantly unfair” and “reduced the event.”

“The heart of the matter is the fact that students did not follow the dress code established for the event, undermining the importance and solemnity of the ceremony,” the district said in a statement. “Our dress code is , To ensure that the dignity of the event is maintained and fair to all students. “

Lopez said he and his parents met the principal Penny Crooks after the ceremony and asked him to apologize.

Lopez said, “I’m not apologizing for anything.” You have to apologize. You are doing the wrong thing. “

“I’m going to bomb this school”: Police threaten Ashboro High School

Is petition The title was “Give this man a diploma.”

The petition says, “Lopez wore the Mexican flag at the time of graduation and did not receive a diploma.” “This is unacceptable. This guy did his best to get a HIS diploma.”

The video of the incident fueled social media anger and flooded Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Tiktok with comments. Lopez’s cousin Adolfo Hartad posted a video of the incident on Twitter. We received 3,000 retweets and over 1,000 comments.

“My men left with dignity and honor!” Replyed to @ CarlosRIOS77. “He refused to lower the flag and raised his fist high! May this brother open countless doors and opportunities!”

Latino advocates protest family of Ashboro students Rejected diploma for wearing the Mexican flag

But not all agreed with Lopez.

“If you can wear the clothes you want, what does the dress code mean?” @Coreymoto tweeted. “There is no gray zone. Get a diploma and celebrate in your favorite style.”

And this from @irregular_view: “If it was the Confederate flag, they would have given him two diplomas.”

Bacon reported from Arlington, Virginia. Shen contributed to The Courier Tribune in Asheboro, NC: Rachel Berry, Courier Tribune

This article was originally published in USA TODAY. A diploma is finally awarded to a student wearing a Mexican flag on a gown

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