Studies show that bedroom temperature affects children’s winter health

With the official arrival of the first day of winter in the Southern Hemisphere, new research reveals that children’s health is affected by winter bedroom temperatures.

A longitudinal study of 2,000 children in New Zealand (NZ) found that low room temperatures were associated with children with severe upper respiratory tract disease and asthma, after which family homes were for children. It has been shown that proper temperature is important.

Susan Morton, Professor of Child Health, University of Auckland Said According to RNZ, children with bedroom temperatures outside the 19 ° C to 25 ° C range are in poor health and may develop symptoms such as upper respiratory tract infections, asthma, ear infections, and tonsillitis. A study by RNZ revealed that it was highly sexual.

According to the survey, the highest room temperature was between 19 degrees (66 degrees) and 25 degrees (77 degrees), but about 1,000 children are trying to sleep in rooms below 19 degrees, and some rooms. The temperature has dropped below 4 degrees (39 degrees). By morning.

The news of this study came when the southern states of Australia continued to tremble over the past week in the snowy cold of alpine regions across the country. Including Western Australia.

The best way to warm your home

According to a recent study in Australia, the best equipment on a budget to warm a home is actually a poor quality electric blanket.

“The cheapest way to get cold and warm on a very low budget is actually an electric blanket,” Graham Cook, a comparison site finder, told Seven News.

From the most expensive to the cheapest winter heaters:

1. Radiant bar heater

Radiant bar heaters, as the name implies, radiate heat from a red-hot heating element. They are relatively cheap, but cost an average of $ 9.12 a day.

The Epoch Times
Radiant Bar Heater (Wikimedia Commons)

2. Tower heater

Almost half of the cost is a tower heater for $ 4.75 per day.

The Epoch Times
Tower heater (Wikimedia Commons)

3. Oil-filled column heater

The average cost of an oil-filled column heater is $ 3.72 per day. Column heaters take time to heat a room, but are especially useful for unattended heating, such as overnight in the bedroom.

The Epoch Times
Oil-filled column heater (Henryk Niestrój / PIXTA)

4. Electric blanketThe Epoch Times

The electric blanket, which is the electric blanket used to warm the bed, costs only $ 0.29 per day.

Various results have been reported in this study on using a reverse cycle air conditioner to warm a home. It is the most expensive in a small room, but it is cost effective in a large room such as a lounge area.

Regardless of the type of heater, experts say that the biggest impact on cost is the setting level of the heater.

“Every time you raise or lower the temperature, it has a big impact on your electricity bill, so the best way is to monitor the thermostat,” Cook said.

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