Sturmer says Britain is a ‘broken model’ as Labor announces Senate alternative

Opposition Labor leader Sir Kiel Sturmer described Britain as a “broken model” and said the country was “crying for a new approach”.

Speaking in Leeds at the release of the report (pdfSturmer said Britain needs “higher standards in public life, wider spread of power and opportunity and better economic growth”, according to the Labor Commission on Britain’s Future, headed by former prime minister Gordon Brown. said.

He campaigned in favor of Remain in the 2016 referendum, but said he understood why people voted for Brexit. They wanted to create opportunities for the next generation. We wanted to build a community we could be proud of and provide a reliable public service. “

Mr Sturmer said people were tired of “staring at the navel” and said the UK had to aim higher.

He said the government was now “gathering power in Westminster”, leaving the rest of the country behind, both politically and economically.

The Labor governments of former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have overseen the introduction of devolution in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and the report suggests similar decentralization in England’s regions.

Mr Brown said the commission was proposing “the greatest transfer of power from Westminster and Whitehall” ever seen in Britain.

The report proposes abolishing the House of Lords, which dates back to the 14th century, and replacing it with national and regional democratic parliaments.

It also proposes devolving power to towns and cities on issues such as planning, transport, skills and culture.

Mr Sturmer said Labor wanted the Senate to be dissolved during its first term and said an unelected second house was “untenable”.

of Senate Act of 1999 Although it removed the right to sit and vote for most hereditary comrades, the amendment allowed 92 hereditary comrades to remain.

Epoch Times photo
An undated image of members of the House of Lords discussing the election bill during the reporting stage at the Palace of Westminster in London. (PA)

In 2009, the UK Supreme Court replaced Lowlord as supreme arbiter on legal matters, and the following year, a coalition of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats said they would go ahead with plans for an elected Senate, but that did not materialize. .

The House of Lords remains the unelected House of Lords, with new nobility created from time to time.

Controversy erupted in October when former Labor deputy leader Tom Watson was named a peer by Sturmer.

Tom Watson’s House of Lords nomination race

Watson, who resigned as a Labor MP in 2019, has been criticized for furthering Carl Beech’s allegations.

In July 2019, Buna’s allegations led to a massive and ultimately fruitless police investigation, resulting in 18 years in prison.

Former Prime Minister Sir Lamont accused Watson of “destroying” lives, and Lord Fowler said the appointment emphasized the need for reform of the system.

Brown said the commission had identified 288 “new economic clusters.” Most of them were located in the suburbs of London and could create tens of thousands of well-paid jobs.

The Labor Party reports that investment in research and development (R&D) is not evenly distributed across the country.

The report states: [of England] It attracts 72% of new R&D-intensive jobs, 45% of all private investment and enjoys twice the UK average infrastructure spending per capita. And in the absence of new investment, only London shows above average productivity among all major cities. “

Sturmer said: The fundamental problem is that our economy is not working. “

The report also proposed a ban on side jobs for parliamentarians and the creation of a “strong” anti-corruption commissioner.

Sturmer said of the commission’s report: Stop the people of Westminster and Whitehall from pretending to know the best about their communities and desperately trying to do their part in the future.”

The report ignores calls for a second referendum on Scottish independence, but says more power should be given to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government has not commented on the report, but Conservative MP Simon Clark said, “Anyone who sees the institutionalized impasse of US politics will create an elected Senate. You’ll find that it’s completely ridiculous,” he said.

Liz Savile Roberts, leader of the Welsh nationalist Plaid Kaml of Westminster, said: Message from Gordon Brown to the Welsh people: If you want a democracy with the power to do the right thing, vote for Plaid Kaml.

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