Subscribers of GoPro Quick will get unlimited cloud backups



James Trew / Engadget

GoPro’s subscription service originally provided live broadcast capabilities and unlocked some of the editing functions in its Quik app, such as speed control, special filters, and GoPro’s original music, but now it has added a bigger incentive :Unlimited cloud backup, And it can be backed up with the original image quality. Not only that, the Quik app also allows you to upload any photos or videos on your device to Mural (Quik’s photo library) and upload them to GoPro’s cloud storage. At present, the latest Android version of Quik already provides unlimited backup capabilities, and this will soon come to the iOS version.

For Quik users, the new unlimited storage should be attractive, especially since the subscription itself is only US$1.99 per month (or US$9.99 per year). Now that Google Photos has terminated the unlimited storage, Quik may be a A good low-cost backup solution.