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Strange new turn for 4-year-old Cash Jernon

Photo Illustration by Daily Beast / Photo by Dallas County Police Department Dallas — After kidnapping and killing 4-year-old Cash Garnon in Dallas last week, neighbor Jose Alvarado looks for footage that could help investigators. I checked it. What he found chilled the spine. The video is 10 weeks before a small cash dies from a scratch on the ground. But it shows that teenager Darin Brown, who was charged with kidnapping him, tricked the streets, opened the gates of Alvarado’s backyard, and looked into them before leaving immediately. “I have two kids, a girl and a boy, they play basketball in the backyard.” Alvarado’s house was taking care of cash and his twin Carter 35 Shares the back alley with the old Monica Sherod’s house. She said she was dating her twin father, a 31-year-old construction worker, Trevor Gernon, who reportedly left town when a court ordered a rehab report in March. The next two months — unknown to her mother, Melinda Seagrove, who lives in Houston. Early in the morning of May 15, a young man sneaked into the twins’ bedroom and lifted the still-sleeping cash from the toddler’s bed shared with Carter. And went out — a chilling scene captured in grainy black and white by a baby monitor. The footage captured by the Daily Mail shows the intruder returning after about two hours, with Carter floating on the bed where he was sleeping. By that time, the cash was already dead. Antoine’s Square, a Dallas teacher living in the area, went out for a morning walk when he saw a lump of hair on the ground at around 6:45 am. The idea was that of a dog. “I was on the phone with my mom,” Square told The Daily Beast. “When I approached, I saw my arms and legs, and I started crying,” Mom, I think I’ve come up to my body. ” And I started, “Mom, it’s a kid! It’s a kid!” And the baby was bleeding all over his face. At that point, my mother hung up with her and told me to call 911 right away … the baby had ants all over his soles. A four-year-old dad who was killed in Dallas apologized for leaving KidsSquare and said he remembered being “denied”, and despite being apparently dead, Cash was actually sleeping. I was hoping for that. “I was trying to put together all the possible stories. There was no way I thought someone would do that to my child,” she said, staying in cash bodies until police and paramedics arrived, who Also tried not to overrun him. In their garage, I had to stop them to let them know that this baby was on the ground, “Square said. “The day he went missing, I got up late and thought it was weird,” Sherod later told the Daily Mail. “I was like’It’s 10 o’clock, you guys’, so I thought the cash was still sleeping.” Cash Gernon was kidnapped from bed on May 15. Later that day, police arrested 18-year-old Brown, who lives with his parents about 800 meters from where Cash’s body was found, according to court documents. He was charged with kidnapping and robbery, but was not a murder because police said he was waiting for the results of a forensic examination. Brown, held in lieu of $ 1.5 million on bail, was not asked to comment. , The lawyer is not listed in the court record. Mimi, her mother, told reporters that she believed her son was in the frame. A network of relationships, criminal records, and unknown motives is involved in the case. Sherod, the mother of several children, has a criminal record, including assault. And DWI. Trevor Gernon, who has a wide range of wrap sheets, seems to have disappeared. The phone numbers listed under his name have been disconnected. Meanwhile, Darin Brown is reportedly a friend of one of Sherod’s children and was seen playing with the children who care for Sherod. Sherod initially characterized her or her child’s relationship with Brown. Brown attended the same high school as at least one person. At a minimum, a boy who lives in her house. She later told reporters that Brown visited her home two days before the cash murder, but was shopping for groceries at the time. According to neighbors, Brown was definitely not the unfamiliar face of the neighborhood. One told The Daily Beast that teens played soccer and basketball on a regular basis with the children who lived with Sherod. Others said they found Brown on a ring security camera hanging in the area. Little information is available about Seagrove, which currently manages Carter. Seagroves did not respond to multiple interview requests, but mother Connie Ward told The Daily Beast this week: My family is broken. Seagroves does not appear to violate the law, but court records indicate that both Sherod and Garnon have records that include arrests for assault. In 2013, Sherod pleaded guilty to attacking her mother, Leslie Pinkerton. According to a criminal affidavit signed by police officer Glenn Burkeheimer Lübeck of the Harris County Constable Office, Sherod “intentionally hit” Pinkerton’s head and chest and pulled it to the ground.[d] “Physical injury” to Pinkerton “By trampling” [Pinkerton’s] The affidavit states that “the petitioner reports that he believes his toes are broken.” Sherod was sentenced to two years of community supervision, participation in a domestic violence treatment program, a $ 100 donation to a domestic violence center, and a $ 200 fine. In 2018, Garnon was arrested for assaulting his father on behalf of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. , Roger Garnon, Texas court records show during a dispute over the credit card bill. When Roger Jernon told his son he was going to call the police, Trevor picked up the phone, bloody his father’s arm with his fingernails, and bent his elbow on his chest. He was charged with misdemeanor and obstruction of emergency calls, pleaded guilty, and sentenced to 68 days in county prison. In addition to family assault, both Sherod and Garnon have a history of theft, fraud, and drug possession. Sherod’s recent arrest was against DWI. She also pleaded guilty to spoofing fraud, possession of stimulants, unlicensed driving, and misdemeanor crimes. Garnon’s recent arrest was in possession of drugs in 2020. He was previously charged with possession of methamphetamine in 2016. His wrap sheet includes: Neil Flanagan, who co-owns the anticorrosion business, told The Daily Beast that he met Garnon in high school and reconnected in 2016. He was having a hard time, so he gave Garnon a little job. After that, things leveled off. “At that time, my ex-wife and I were married,” Flanagan said. “We were starting to have problems. She left me in January 2017. At that time, Trevor and she started meeting each other.” A few years later, he sent me a message on Facebook. Like,’Hey Buddy. How were you?’ Neil’s father, Johnny Flanagan, said, “When he was calm, Garnon said,’It was as good as you could ask. “. If there is such a person in the direction of the wind, he will work for months and then worse for months, and you know, just get up and disappear, “Flanagan said. It was. The whereabouts of Garnon are unknown. He lost a $ 10,000 deposit because he was unable to attend the March 29, 2021 hearing after being charged with possession of a seriously guilty drug last November. A record of his apology. In it, he says he left the town in search of work and left them because he didn’t want to disturb the boys’ daily lives. You have to live with this devastation every day, “he said. myself. If possible, go back and change everything. This is a nightmare that doesn’t go away when you open your eyes in the morning. None of the various defendant lawyers who represented Sherod or Garnon in court have agreed to cite the privileges of lawyers and clients. The death of cash raised many questions about. His person in charge. But in the neighborhood where he spent the last few months, the top priority mystery is why someone kills an unprotected child and leaves him on the street like trash. Stephen Mona Seridaras’ solid working-class mountain creek section is quiet and adjacent to the 600-acre Cedar Ridge Nature Reserve on one side. The house is in decent shape and the garden is clean. On the street where Cash’s body was found, locals stop by the shrine to deposit souvenirs such as toys and flowers. Meanwhile, the woman who found Cash’s body has been suffering from emotions since that morning. Square told The Daily Beast. “I have a 3-year-old kid. When I handle this and handle it, I see that there are few triggers. When I see the little boys 4, 3 and 5, I start crying. It’s just a trigger for me. My daughter is like a trigger. Sometimes she says something and I cry. “I didn’t know the baby, but he just gave his life. I was robbed, so it was really hard. It was really hard to handle this. And no matter how far I went, I couldn’t see what you saw. “Rohrlich from New York, Monacelli from Dallas I reported. Find out more at The Daily Beast. Do you have any hints? Send it to The Daily Beast here. Put your top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.

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