Suburban voters praise Biden for COVID, but new research raises economic and border concerns

Suburban voters with a college degree enthusiastically approve of President Joe Biden’s ability to perform his duties as President Joe Biden celebrates his 100th day in office. New research From the centre-right.

N2 America, a suburban-focused non-profit organization formed by a group of Republican operatives, has 40 suburban voters who have been college-educated in battlefield counties nationwide every week since Biden was launched in January. I researched the online panel of.

During that period, N2 America found that the group generally praised Biden for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and personally liked him. But as concerns about COVID-19 began to recede with increasing vaccination, they were increasingly concerned about the president’s remaining agenda, especially spending, taxes, and his plans for the US-Mexico border. Was announced.

College-educated suburban voters left the Republican Party during the tenure of former President Donald Trump, which is essential to the success of Biden’s 2020 elections, as both parties vie for parliamentary control in 2022. Ready to become a major swing group again in the midterm elections. ..

“Returning to January, suburban voters were anxious for vanilla and bored their presidency. Republican pollster Robert Blizzard, who works with N2 America, said in an interview.” It’s starting to end now and I’m looking at the other side of the virus. “

The voter committee said it believed that the worst of the pandemic was over and that at least some normality had been restored. However, some still regarded the country as going in the wrong direction overall and described it as “divided,” “chaotic,” or “dysfunctional.”

With the exception of COVID-19, voters’ top priority was the economy. They expressed concern about inflation, pandemic-induced unemployment, stimulus and infrastructure package price tags.

“I like the development of the vaccine that surrounds the pandemic and his efforts to listen to the science behind it,” said one of the Minnesota male voters who attended the panel. “It’s not capricious.” “I’m grateful for the latest stimulus package, but I’m sure it contains unwanted pork like any other package.”

Some voters are also worried that if Biden proposes a tax increase to businesses and individuals who earn more than $ 400,000 a year, it could have a negative impact on the economy as a whole, even if the tax increase does not have a direct impact. He said he was doing it.

After the economy, the N2 America realized that immigrants were the next biggest concern, and most voters believed that there was a border crisis due to the surge in immigrant crossings.

“President Biden brought more order to the seemingly chaotic White House under the previous administration, but the heightened crisis at the Mexican border is clearly his action, early in his first year as POTUS. I think he could get it back, “said a female voter in New New York.

Some voters also expressed concern about Biden’s revocation of the Keystone XL pipeline permit, working in a bipartisan way, fearing that the decision could lead to unemployment and rising oil prices. I wondered if it could help unite the country.

“He definitely looks like a good guy,” said a male voter in Florida. “But his job is to be president, and I absolutely disagree with some of the policies he is implementing.”

The panel only provides a snapshot of how a very specific group of swing voters feel about the start of Biden’s presidency. However, many of the sentiment expressed by voters is at least partially reflected in Biden’s current position in polls.

FivethirtyEight National poll average Approximately 53% of Americans approve of his ability to perform his duties, and 40% show disapproval. So far, his highest rating from the general public is generally in the treatment of pandemics, and his lowest rating is usually in immigrants.

Most national surveys show a majority of suburban and college-educated voters approving the work he does as president. According to a national exit poll, in 2020 Biden acquired 50% to 48% of suburban voters and 55% to 43% of college-educated voters. By comparison, Trump lost 42% to 52% of college-educated voters in 2016, while carrying 49% to 45% of suburban voters.

Republican pollster Blizzard said college-educated suburban voters have a long way to go to beat them, although there are signs that they are suffering from some of Biden’s policies. ..

“That’s the challenge. They’re free agents, but now they don’t just come to the Republicans automatically,” Blizzard said. “You have to get angry with these voters.”

The N2 America panel was attended by voters from Swing County in Arizona, California, Georgia, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. The group of 40 adults was a mix of Democratic, Republican, and independent voters.