Subway franchisees want to remove Megan Rapinoe’s new ad in the Olympic controversy


Subway franchisees are considering removing Team USA soccer star Megan Rapinoe from the new ad as they protest the national anthem at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

RapinoeContracting with the company as a spokeswoman this spring regularly pushes her political views. They usually seek equal rights and close the gender pay gap. These views hinder the company’s reputation and sales. Some shopkeepers insisted at a discussion forum last month..

At an event hosted by the North American Subway Franchisees Association, franchisees discussed removing Rapinoe from new ads kicking soccer balls to those who have burritos.

“Boycott subway until the subway fires anti-Americanism … Megan Rapinoe, creeps kneeling for our beloved national anthem!” I read from.

Trump wants to replace the Olympic “WOKESTERS” with “PATRIOTS”

“Advertising should be pulled,” the franchisee subsequently insisted. “It’s hard to apologize.”

The subway company doesn’t own nearly 22,000 stores, but charges franchisees 4.5% of its revenue for the use of brands and national advertising campaigns.

These campaigns, Arizona Franchisees claimed in the forum should use their revenue to promote their products, not politics.

“It’s completely and completely out of scope to spend our money on making political statements,” said the franchisee.

A representative of the North American Subway Franchise Association reportedly told restaurant owners that he had previously received complaints about Rapinoe’s image and took over to the company’s management team led by CEO John Chidsey.

“Your NAASF board is already [Subway] Leadership expressed the concerns expressed by NAASF membership. “

“A lot of franchisees have called me today,” a lawyer representing the subway franchisees confirmed to the New York Post as well. “They are trying to pull the ad.”

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former President Donald Trump Also criticized Rapinoe and Team USA, which he called “purple-haired woman” 3rd place finish At the Tokyo Olympics.

“If our football team, led by a group of left-wing maniacs, hadn’t awakened, they would have won a gold medal instead of bronze,” Trump said in an email to his supporters. “Purple-haired women play badly and spend a lot of time thinking about far-left politics instead of working!”

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