Suitable for Scott Morrison’s Job: Australian Finance Minister

The Liberal Party has finally launched an official election campaign, and less than a week after the poll, polls under Scott Morrison’s leadership are still far behind.

The prime minister has promised to change his way to seduce undecided voters, but liberal deputy Josh Frydenberg, seen as a future leader, now says Morrison is the right person for the job. But I believe.

At ABC’s Insider Program on Sunday, asked if the coalition would be better under his leadership, the treasurer said: “No.”

“Scott Morrison is the right person to lead both the government and the country.”

He believes he benefited from being stable at the top of the party and says the prime minister did a great job during difficult times.

Morrison addresses a loyal party in Brisbane on Sunday, promising an extended housing policy to help older Australians build their aging.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese will also address Brisbane’s supporters, announcing the opposition’s $ 1 billion election pledge to Australia’s advanced manufacturing industry.

The Labor Fund aims to build the country’s industrial base and create new opportunities for major manufacturing industries such as transportation, defense, food processing, medicine and renewable energy.

Under the coalition of extended housing policies, up to A $ 1.3 million (US $ 901 million) empty nest syndrome and pensioners shrink their homes with plans to help more families get their homes You will have access to incentives to do.

Australians over the age of 55 will be able to reduce their assets from the sale price and invest up to A $ 300,000 (US $ 208,036) per person in an old-age pension fund that is outside the existing contribution limit.

Pensioners who shrink their homes also have greater flexibility by exempting the proceeds from the sale of their assets from asset testing for a longer period of time.

This change will allow pensioners to configure their assets within two years of the sale of the home without affecting the pension.

“We are now giving Australians more options for deciding how they want to live the next stage of their lives by removing the financial barriers of those who want to shrink their homes. “Morison says.

This offer is currently available to Australians over the age of 65. With this change, up to 1.3 million people will have access to this benefit.

Housing Minister Michael Soccer said it has been a successful policy since 2017.

“We now know that it’s working. It’s freeing up housing stock and freeing up those larger family homes for others to buy,” Sukkar said. He told Sky News’ Sunday Agenda program.

“It’s about removing the barriers to miniaturization and essentially allowing couples to invest up to $ 600,000 in a concessional tax environment like a supermarket.”

Labor senator Murray Watt said his party always supports good ideas.

“We support this. I think this is a good idea worth adopting,” he told Sky News.

“But in reality, this single announcement from the government after nearly a decade in office will not solve the housing crisis seen in Australia.”

The re-elected Morrison government plans to establish a $ 375 million Queensland Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The center is expected to be based in Brisbane and is a one-stop shop that houses cancer services in one facility and treats all types of cancer.

“This is based on recent investments made in Western Australia and South Australia to establish a nationwide network of centers,” Morrison says.



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