Super Bowl ad uses nostalgia, star power and light laughter

NEW YORK (AP) — More than 50 marketers have their own battles off the field of the Super Bowl.

They’re trying to reach over 100 million people who tune into Fox’s broadcasts. Advertising costs he could make as much as $7 million in 30 seconds.

They used light humor, lots of cute animals and lots of celebrities to try and get over 100 million viewers watching each year. It was a year of change for the Super Bowl, as other alcohol ads were then allowed to air. Anheuser-Busch waives exclusivity deal And a halftime show sponsor I switched from Pepsi to Apple Music for the first time in 10 years.

Kelly O’Keeffe, CEO of Brand Federation, said:

starry night

Many of the ads were released early, but viewers still had a few surprises in store.In the first Super Bowl ad, Dunkin’ Donuts attracted a superfan Ben Affleck and wife Jennifer Lopez.

In the ad, Affleck wows customers with his Boston accent at the drive-thru booth of Dunkin’ Donuts in Medford, Massachusetts. Lopez drives through a line of cars and asks him what he’s doing. “You embarrass me in front of my friends,” he says. “Grab the glaze,” she demands. Affleck has a long association with the brand and is often seen in paparazzi photos carrying Dunkin’ his donut drink. He also directed the advertisement.

GM and Netflix asked Will Ferrell to promote their deal Electric cars on the rise in Netflix showsI got an ad for Bud Light Miles Teller and wife Kelly and dog Bugsy are dancing to hold the music.Melissa McCarthy sing the jingle For and Adam Driver multiple of myself for square space. Pepsi Zero Sugar hired Ben Stiller and Steve Martin. Mexican avocado features Anna Faris in one of the few slightly risky ads of the year to imagine a day where everyone is naked, including the Statue of Liberty. Tennis star Serena Williams has appeared in two of her ads. Michelob Ultra Another is Remy Martin. T-mobile Bradley Cooper enlisted and his mom Appearing in advertisements filled with bloopers.

Quirky Star: A Group of Donors Bought two ads featuring Jesus In a campaign called “He Gets Us”.

nostalgia festival

Many marketers have tried to capitalize on popular TV and movie properties. This year, online shopping site Rakuten hired Alicia Silverstone and Elisa Donovan. Recreate a scene from the 90’s romantic comedy Clueless. Snack brand “Pop corners” from Frito-Lay, Bringing back “Breaking Bad” It first aired in 2008 and stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

Other advertisers looking to tap into their favorite content from the past few years: In a T-Mobile ad, John Travolta Home Internet-themed version of T-Mobile Donald Faison and Zach Braff starring in “Scrubs” in “Summer Nights” in “Grease.”Michelob Ultra put its ad Bushwood Country Club it’s in the movie.

light humor

Those who don’t use celebrities chose humor. Kia showed her father an epic quest to pick up her child’s forgotten “binky.”And E (asterisk) trade Revived the famous talking baby: This time I will attend a wedding. Some ads were outlandish. Advertisements for Tubi showed a giant blue rabbit throwing people down a hole, demonstrating the idea that Tubi would help people “find rabbit holes they didn’t know they were looking for.” rice field.

Lam’s ad was somewhat dodgy, making fun of an erectile dysfunction ad by forcing couples to talk about “premature electrification.” Charles Taylor, a professor at Villanova University, said this approach might work.

“Given how the Super Bowl has drifted away from sex appeal and humor over the past decade, this will make the ad stand out and generate buzz,” Taylor said. “They run the risk of offending some consumers, but I think the ad will be well remembered and mostly well received.”

cute animals

Not a Super Bowl without cute animals, especially dogs.

Jeep is an ad stuffed with meerkats, bees, bears, goats and many other animals, animals dancing to music emanating from a Jeep 4xe. A dog food subscription service called The Farmer’s Dog A heartwarming story of a girl who grows old with her dog.

Other ads feature dogs with celebrities: Skechers ad show Snoop Dogg shaving his poodlePringles Shows Meghan Trainor Snuggling With Her Dog, Shows Pepsi Zero Sugar Steve Martin as a veterinarian dog surgery.


Advertisers may attempt stunts to gain attention. The biggest one this year came from his FanDuel, who enlisted former NFL player Rob Gronkowsi and tried to kick his goal live on the field during the broadcast.

If he succeeded, customers who bet at least $5 on the Super Bowl would win a share of $10 million for free. But the problem with stunts is that they are risky. FanDuel caused confusion with an ad that appeared to show Gronkowski doing a kick.But FanDuel said he missed and added Bettors still get a share of the $10 million with a free bet.

More successful was Peacock’s late-game ad attempt at a stunt. Approval of other advertisementsThe concept behind that show “Poker Face” is that Charlie, played by Natasha Lyonne, can tell when someone is lying. Shows Leon. She told him that the M&M’s character “never appeared” and that the kid in the Google Pixel ad is actually 19 years old. Both refer to advertisements that aired early in the game. Peacock says she partnered with Google and her M&Ms to create the ad.