‘Super Strong’ Typhoon Hinamnoor Forecast Hits South Korea

Typhoon Hinamnoor, considered the strongest typhoon in South Korea’s history, is expected to hit the southern regions of the country next week, according to the state meteorological agency.

The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) predicts that the typhoon’s pressure will reach 950 hectopascals as it reaches South Korea, with maximum wind speeds of 43 meters per second (96 mph). report.

Typhoon No. 11 Hinamunolth This year’s typhoon was designated as a super-strong typhoon by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

“[The country] No low pressure typhoon has come so far. The Japan Meteorological Agency is concerned about the unprecedented damage that the typhoon may bring,” said Woo Jin-kyu, KMA meteorological analyst.

The typhoon is expected to make landfall in Japan as well.of Japan Meteorological Agency On Saturday, the typhoon was classified as “major” with maximum wind speeds of 40 meters per second (89 mph).

according to KMA, The typhoon is now passing over Taiwan’s east coast and has begun to move north, approaching Seogwipo in southern Jeju Island. It is expected to pass through the southern city of Busan on Tuesday.

“Currently, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly which part of the south coast of the Korean peninsula will be directly hit by the typhoon,” Woo said, adding that the typhoon could reverse course and hit Jeollanam-do. added.

Issued by the US Embassy in South Korea weather warning Regarding Typhoon Hinnamnor, US citizens residing in this country are warned that the typhoon can cause powerful gusts, high waves, landslides, and flooding.

“Heavy rains are expected nationwide on Sunday, September 4th, followed by a typhoon making landfall around Monday. [9.00 p.m.]”The heavy rain could continue into Tuesday night,” he said.

Taiwan’s Central Weather Service issued a land warning on Saturday as the typhoon moved north at 16 kilometers per hour (9 mph) and passed east of Taiwan. Heavy rain warnings issued in multiple areas, Focus Taiwan report.

Aldogra Fredry


Aldgra Fredly is a Malaysia-based freelance writer covering Asia Pacific news for The Epoch Times.