Supermarket Gian Coles gives trance staff a positive gender vacation

Australian supermarket giant Coles has announced that it will allow trance and gender-diversified staff to take up to 10 days of paid gender-affirmed leave to promote gender diversity.

The move took place on Wednesday, the day after International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexualism and Transphobia.

On Wednesday, Coles’ Chief Legal Safety Officer and Chairman of the Company’s Pride Steering Committee, David Brewster, said in a statement:

“We need to have proper policy and education in this area, and we have clear guidance on taking leave for this important transition in their lives.”

On the same day, Coles also announced that it has registered as an official partner of Pride Cup Australia, an organization that hosts events that promote “inclusiveness and diversity” in the sports world.

On that website, Pride Cup Claim No data source is mentioned, but when a pride cup session is held, sports club homosexuality words are reduced by up to 40 percent. The Pride Cup also declares that it is committed to changing the perception that “homosexuality is wrong or unnatural.”

“Coles is very supportive of Coles to support our organization as part of our partnership to help Pride Cup Australia extend its reach to more than 750 clubs annually across Australia by 2025. “I’m very pleased,” said James Loricart, CEO of Pride Cup Australia, Wednesday.

With more than 120,000 staff, Coles has pride committees in all states and is a partner in Pride Indiversity, a national program that promotes LGBTI + adoption in the workplace.Supermarket giants are also participating Australian Workplace Equality Index, A point-based framework that assesses employers based on the level of “gender inclusiveness” in the workplace.

“We recognize that individuals can be identified as having a gender other than the one assigned at birth or infancy, or as a gender other than male or female,” Coles said earlier.

The grocery giant said trance employees are allowed to use toilets of the gender they identify.

“You are supported as the gender you identify, wear your affirmed gender clothes and uniforms, use your affirmed gender toilet and changing room, and your affirmed gender name. But it’s called “Coles Group Said in the applicant information pamphlet.

“There is no obligation to disclose your gender identity.”

This is when Target is in early May Start collaboration Two “queer-owned” brands, Tomboy X and Humankind, sell “chest binders” designed to flatten women’s breasts.

In 2021, Australia’s largest supermarket chain, Woolworths, introduced two weeks of paid leave and two weeks of unpaid affirmative leave in 2021.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016 CensusAustralia has identified 1260 people as transgender, but has a population of 24.19 million.

Nina Nguyen


Nina Nguyen is a Sydney-based reporter. She covers Australian news with a focus on social, cultural and identity issues. She is fluent in Vietnamese. Contact her at [email protected]

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