Supermarkets and grocery stores have the option to exclude unvaccinated ones in Australian states: Official


Queensland supermarkets in Australia have the option to exclude unvaccinated people from entry under the new vaccine regulations.

After 17 December, anyone entering a cafe, restaurant, bar, theater, museum, library, stadium, or similar location must prove that they have been fully vaccinated with COVID-19. However, according to Australian officials, all businesses, including supermarkets, grocery stores and other important businesses, have the option to impose obligations, but this rule is mandatory for supermarkets and grocery stores. Not.

Small Business Minister Di Farmer told the press this week that basic services such as grocery stores, post offices and pharmacies are not included in the obligation. But they can opt in, Farmer said.

“The important service was actually the one that remained open during the blockade,” Farmer quoted. 4BC radio As you say. “There are various other businesses that only vaccinated staff and patrons may choose to use their business.”

“Available to all businesses,” Farmer said in detailing whether grocery stores and supermarkets could mandate the entry of vaccines.

“Any company can make that decision, and many really take it very seriously,” she says without elaborating on how companies are considering it. rice field. When Queensland revoked the blockade, Farmer added, “You need to be protected and companies across Queensland will make that decision.”

“If a person decides not to get vaccinated, they are something they take into account,” she said.

The Epoch Times has contacted the Queensland Government for additional comments.

A spokesman for Woolworths, one of Australia’s largest supermarket chains, Said News Ltd. does not require a vaccine passport.

“We play an important role in providing food and essentials to all Australians, and customers do not need to be vaccinated to shop in our store,” a spokesman said. rice field. “Our store remains open throughout the pandemic and has strong Covidsafe settings to maintain public health and ensure the continuity of essential supply to the community.”

As vaccine passports become more and more common, concerns have been raised that these systems create a two-tiered society of vaccination and non-vaccination, and the possibility of discriminating against vaccine-hating groups in society is also flagged. It is set up. Some public health officials argued that such an obligation was necessary to increase immunization rates.

Some civil liberties groups have also warned of swarms of COVID-19 rules and restrictions imposed across Australia. For example, Victoria’s Public Health and Welfare (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021 was passed earlier this week. brand By opposition lawmakers as “the most dangerous in Victoria’s history.”

The law is forgive Ability to declare a pandemic to the office of the Prime Minister and Minister of Health of Victoria. This office has the authority to enforce orders such as blockades, wearing masks, vaccination obligations and quarantine. Previously, the government had to seek permission through parliament to extend the state of emergency.

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