Supporters and Candidates are promoted in Poilievre’s Shadow Cabinet

Conservative Party leader Pierre Polivre unveiled a shadow cabinet on 12 October, promoting supporters and leadership rivals alike, and promoting MPs who had remained neutral during the campaign for the party leadership to senior positions. I kept my job.

“With this team, the Conservatives will fight Justin’s inflation, fight Trudeau and his costly coalition tax hikes (including plans to triple the expensive carbon tax), tackle the cost of living crisis, and help young people stay home. , families can afford nutritious food and seniors can retire with dignity,” Poilievre said in a statement.

As a Republican inflation push, Polivre gave the role of financial commentator to Calgary MP Jasraj Singh Haran. Harran previously served as an immigration critic.

Poilievre announced his bid for leadership on February 5 and received Hallan’s endorsement on February 22.

Harran will replace Dan Albus, who currently does not have a Shadow Cabinet role.

James Bezan was given the defense portfolio he had taken on under previous leaders before his final post as ethics critic. Succeeds Kelly-Lynn Findlay.

Poilievre ran against two colleagues in Congress, Leslyn Lewis and Scott Aitchison, in the leadership election earlier this year. Neither played a critic role under interim leader Candice Bergen.

Lewis was given the role of infrastructure critic, and Aitchison was housed in a shadowy cabinet in Polivre. Aitchison played a critical role in labor under former leader Erin O’Toole, who was ousted in early February.

Some senior parliamentarians who have remained neutral in the leadership race remain unmoved.

Public security commentator Raquel Dancho and foreign affairs commentator Michael Chong, both of whom remained neutral in the leadership race, will continue their roles in the new shadow cabinet.

Stephen Ellis, a physician, previously held the role of Deputy Health Commentator and served as a COVID-19 advisor under Bergen and O’Toole. He was appointed health critic, replacing Michael Barrett who moved to ethics.

A new position was created with Marilyn Gradu appointed as the Critic of Civil Liberties and Scott Davidson appointed for the Reduction of Red tape.

Members of Congress who have served in previous roles include Jon Blassard and Jon Nater, who are now out of the shadow cabinet.

John Blassard was the Chancellor of the House of Commons in Bergen and Nater was a heritage commentator. Blassard remained neutral during the leadership race in view of his role as Speaker of the House, while Nater supported former Quebec Premier Jean Chareste.

Several other supporters of Charest were named critics, including Rick Perkins of industry, Gérard Deltel of environment, Joel Goding of official language, and Karen Vecchio of women and gender equality.

Noe Chartier


Noé Chartier is a reporter for the Epoch Times based in Montreal. Twitter: @NChartierET Gettr: @nchartieret