Supporting candidates who “support our values”

Donald Trump called on Republicans on Saturday to support candidates who are loyal to him in next year’s midterm elections. The former president has begun a new, more aggressive phase of his post-presidential post.

Mr. Trump, 74, hinted that he could run for president again in 2024, but initially decided to actively participate in campaigns for his allies in the fight for parliamentary rule next year. promised.

“America’s survival depends on its ability to elect Republicans at all levels, starting next year’s midterm elections,” Trump charged early with a rambling speech lasting more than an hour and 20 minutes.

Mr. Trump made the latest comments in a speech to hundreds of Republican executives and activists at the Republican Convention in North Carolina, before being banned from his favorite social media account for more than four months. The president wants to take advantage of such an event to raise a declining voice ahead of the next potential presidential election.

His advisors have already turned to subsequent appearances in Ohio, Florida, Alabama and Georgia to strengthen mid-term candidates and revitalize voters.

Some leaders are worried that more candidates for Trump in the coming months could jeopardize the Republican parliamentary dispute in 2022. He lost 7 million votes in the last election after alienating voters in the Republican suburbs across the country.

In contrast to the large rally that filled the sports arena when Trump was president, he was sitting at a dinner table in the Greenville Convention Center on Saturday night with over 1,000 North Carolina Republicans. Faced with a crowd of people. Tens of thousands more people followed the Internet stream.

Trump’s daughter-in-law, North Carolina-born Lara Trump, was temporarily invited to the stage during his remarks and announced that she would not run for the Senate due to family obligations.

Lara Trump says, “I’m saying no now. I won’t say no forever.

Minutes later, Trump announced that he would support loyal supporter Ted Budd in a crowded Republican primary and criticized Trump’s falsehood about the 2020 elections, former Governor Pat McCrory. Blame.

“We’ve already lost two races and we can’t choose someone who doesn’t fit our values,” Trump said.

The former president has been waiting for more than an hour to spread falsehoods about the 2020 elections.

Since leaving the White House, Mr. Trump has regularly made unfounded claims that the last presidential election was stolen. Mr. Trump’s vote fraudulent cries have been dozens of judges, Republicans. Despite being countered by the Governor and senior officials in his own administration, this allegation caused a wave of Republican-backed voting restrictions in state parliaments across the country.

In his early remarks, Mr. Trump focused on President Joe Biden, who called him “the most radical leftist regime in history.”

“When we get together tonight, our country is being destroyed in front of us,” he said.

Democratic National Committee spokesman Ammar Musa attacked Trump in a statement released prior to Trump’s speech.

“More than 400,000 Americans have died, millions of jobs have been lost, and recklessly dangerous rhetoric is how Republicans can defeat the loser president at the expense of the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives. Obviously not enough, “Musa said.

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