Supports majority parliamentarians requesting federal government to publish unedited document on transfer of virus to Wuhan Institute of Veterinary Medicine

A motion introduced by conservatives to release unedited documents to the Trudeau administration about the transfer of a deadly virus to the Wuhan Institute of Veterinary Medicine in China and the dismissal of two Chinese scientists at Canada’s Supreme Security Institute. Adopted on Wednesday.

The majority of parliamentarians —179 vs. 149— Voted in favor of a motion requiring the federal government to prepare an unedited document within 48 hours of the adoption of the motion.

Submitted by Conservative Shadow Foreign Minister Michael Chong on Tuesday, motion Requested the House of Representatives to order the transfer of Ebola and henipavirus to the Wuhan Virology Institute in March 2019, followed by the cancellation of Dr. Xiangguo’s security clearance and the submission of unedited documents regarding termination of employment. I did. ”Qiu and Dr. Keding Cheng.

The passage of the motion also means that Health Minister Patty Heidu will be summoned to testify at the Commons Committee of the Canadian-China Commission (CACN) within two weeks. Hajdu said Chong on these issues. I refused to answer the question. May 25..

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Health Minister Patty Haidu speaks at a press conference on the COVID-19 pandemic in Ottawa, Canada, on December 4, 2020. (Justin Tang / The Canadian Press)

The motion is reasonably expected by a House law clerk to attend an in-camera meeting with CACN, revealing what information “worses national security and details ongoing criminal investigations.” It will be published to discuss what information is available and allow the committee to decide what information is available.

In the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Chung ordered the Canadian Public Health Agency to submit unedited documents on March 31 and May 10, saying the agency violated privacy law. He said he did not submit.

During a police interrogation in 2019, Qi, Chen, and several Chinese students were stripped of security access and taken from Winnipeg’s National Institute of Microbiology. Several times with a formal qualification to the Wuhan National Institute of Biosafety, which is part of the Wuhan Virology Institute. She also trained scientists and technicians there for Level 4 standards that could handle the world’s most deadly viruses and pathogens.

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National Institute of Microbiology, Winnipeg, Canada, May 19, 2009. (John Woods / The Canadian Press)

When Conservative leader Erin O’Toole burned at home Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and several Liberal Party lawmakers instead argued that national security issues should be considered by the National Security Information Commission (NSICOP), a member of parliament.

NSICOP It was introduced by the Liberal Party Government in 2016 and was drafted by Bill C-22 in 2017 with the consent of the royal family. All Party Committee To monitor and supervise the activities of all government sectors and agencies responsible for national security. “

But Mr Chung said NSICOP should not intervene because “the government should not conduct its own investigation.”

“NSICOP is made up of parliamentarians, but unlike the UK’s Intelligence and Security Commission, it’s not a parliamentary committee. It’s not a committee here,” Chung said.

He serves as a member of NSICOP at the discretion of the Prime Minister, including the Chair. That is, the government can end the review of the Commission or withhold information from them. In addition, the Prime Minister may withhold information from the Commission. We have the authority to review and request corrections before the report is published.

“In short, NSICOP is accountable to the government. Under our Constitution, the government is accountable to this House. It is this House that the government submits documents to.” He insisted.

Justice ministry lawyer Christian Roy told CACN on May 10 on the question of whether parliamentary committees have constitutional authority to summon documents. He said he did not grant the authority to enforce documents in violation of or other laws.

However, Conservative Congressman Garnet Genuis, New Democratic Congressman Jack Harris, and Brock Kebeco MP Stephane Bergeron said: 2010 decision Former Speaker of the House Peter Milliken of Parliament has found that members of Parliament have the right to seek uncensored documents relating to the treatment of Afghan detainees by the Harper government.

“Under the jurisdiction of the Commission and the powers conferred by the Constitution, the judgment of Chair Milliken and the privileges of Parliament, I think it has become very clear that this is within the powers of a member of Parliament. Please remove this feature, “Harris said.

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