Supreme Court dismisses appeal against pickups seized at border

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A fairly predictable marijuana sales boom is occurring in the town of Oregon on the border with Idaho.

When Oregon legalized recreational marijuana in 2015, many conservative Eastern Oregons did not participate in the Green Rush. Ontario, a town of about 11,000 people on the border with Idaho, voted against permitting the sale of cannabis in 2016. Later, in Huntington, a small town 30 miles northwest of Ontario, 30 minutes from Boise, a pharmacy was allowed to open and flooded with cash. From weed tourists in Idaho, Politico reports. “Huntington soon received $ 100,000 in tax revenue from one marijuana shop, which is half the annual budget of a city of 400 people.” Ontario approved the sale of cannabis in 2018. Today, home of Ore-Ida and best known as the birthplace of Tater tots, Ontario is a weekend destination for residents of the Treasure Valley of Boise and Idaho. Home Depot, Wal-Mart, a fast-food restaurant, and four cannabis pharmacies, Politico’s Natalie Fertig reports. Mayor Adam Braun told Politico that Idaho makes about 1,600 “unique trips” daily in Idaho for duty-free shopping in large stores, mostly due to weeds. Told. According to the Portland Business Journal, Ontario’s 2020 cannabis sales were $ 92 million, or $ 2,857 for all residents of Malheur County, Ontario. Politico reports that Multnomah County, which includes most of Portland, sold only $ 378 of weeds to all residents in 2020. Ontario’s $ 1.5 million tax revenue from marijuana last year is about 4% of the city’s annual budget, and the town expects a weed tax of nearly $ 3 million this year. “Ontario is just one of the dozens of border communities across the country that have transformed into a marijuana boomtown thanks to the cannabis patchwork quilt,” says Politico. “Currently, 18 states have embraced full legalization, and all but California and Alaska border at least one state where cannabis is illegal.” In the last five months alone, New York, Virginia, New Mexico, New Jersey, Arizona, Montana, and South Dakota have legalized marijuana, partly motivated by weed plunges in neighboring states, Fertig said. “These new laws have created more than 20 regions where cross-border cannabis business is potentially abundant.” Learn more at Politico. More Stories from New HBO Trump’s NSA Corporate Lawyer Michael Ellis has resigned and taken office, showing that you can’t stop seeing Donald Trump’s most dangerous political heritage There is none