Supreme Court dismisses protracted 2020 election challenge case

Washington (AP) —The Supreme Court said Monday that it would not hear a case from Pennsylvania related to the 2020 elections. The proceedings were protracted, but similar election challenges had already been dismissed by the judge.

The High Court has instructed the Lower Court to dismiss the case as a dispute.

The judge was in February after President Joe Biden took office Rejected a few cases related to the 2020 elections. However, if the court dismissed Monday, the court requested an additional briefing that was not completed until the end of March.

The proceedings included a federal court opposition to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision requiring election authorities to receive and count mail ballots that arrived within three days of the election. But more broadly, the case was about whether state legislatures or state courts would get a final word on how to hold federal elections.

The Democratic National Committee was one of those who argued that the case should be dismissed as controversial after the 2020 elections were over. The people who filed the case said the issues involved were important and recurring, and judges should listen to them.

The court had previously dismissed other proceedings related to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision to extend the deadline for mail voting. Three of the court’s conservative judges objected, saying they would have taken up the case.

The origin of the case was a change made by Pennsylvania lawmakers to the state’s election law in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the changes, lawmakers left a deadline of November 3 to receive absentee ballots. The Democratic Party has filed a proceeding, and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court said the pandemic was underway and the US Postal Service had delayed extending the deadline for receiving the mailed ballots.

Ultimately, I received less than 10,000 ballots in the last three days. That few votes would not have changed the outcome of the state’s presidential election, where former President Donald Trump lost about 80,000 votes.