Supreme Court judge undergoes polygraph test after allegedly having Russian citizenship


Bohdan Lviv

Bohdan Lviv

Lviv wrote that he underwent one test at the All-Ukrainian Association of Polygraph Examiners, and then another “at the competent national department” with the participation of two specialists.

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He answered the following questions.

Lviv answered “no” to all questions. According to the test results released by the Vice-Chairman of the Supreme Court, this is “reliable information.” Lviv said he would return to his duties.

The head of the Anti-Corruption Action Center Vitali Shabunin said on October 3 that a judge of the Economic Court of the Court of Cassation should consider removing Bohdan Lviv and vote on the issue.

On September 15, a journalist from the investigative media Schemes claimed that Lviv obtained a Russian passport in 1999. He has citizenship of another country.

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According to the investigation, the judge owns real estate – a two-room apartment in Moscow’s Leningrad Skoye Shosse. Equally owned by the judge’s mother-in-law and his wife.

Lviv himself denied having a Russian passport, calling the claim “fake”. An investigative journalist from the open-source intelligence group Bellingcat Christo Grozev Lviv was then registered as a citizen of Russia, denying the possibility that the documents in the register were fake, as the judge himself claimed.

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