Supreme Court order file related to Sherman murder opened, citing public interest

Ottawa-The Canadian Supreme Court has decided to open and open to the public a pile of files related to the murder victims Barry and Honey Sherman.

Due to the unanimous decision, the trustees of the property of a wealthy couple in Toronto cannot establish a significant risk to their safety and privacy, and the principles of public interest and public proceedings may require unlocking files. understood.

In June 2018, a judge in the lower court issued an order to protect the files. This concerns the appointment of a real estate trustee and is usually available for public inspection.

The order stems from the idea that an individual nominated as a beneficiary or trustee of real estate is at risk of harm, as the shaman was found murdered at home.

The decision is now revoked, and the victory of Toronto Star reporter Kevin Donovan, who confirmed the decision of the Court of Appeals that lifted the seal order, opened the file and wrote extensively about the sensational cases of the last three years. Marked and half a year.

Barry Sherman is a pharmaceutical company, Apotex Inc., who was found murdered with his wife at home on December 15, 2017. He was Chairman and CEO of Millionaire.

The couple were philanthropists and well-known members of Toronto society, arousing a keen interest in their death and the resulting police investigation.

The murder remains unresolved and investigations are ongoing.

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