Supreme Court Rosalie Abella listens to the final case and lovingly talks about her family

Chief Justice of Canada Richard Wagner (left), Judge Michael Moldavar (second from right), and Andromash Karakazanis (right) were Judge Rosalie Abella during a question-and-answer session at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Listen to answer the question. Rights, Winnipeg, September 25, 2019. Avella heard her last Supreme Court proceeding on Friday. (John Woods / Canadian Press)

Ottawa — Before hearing the last Supreme Court proceeding today, Judge Rosalie Abella recalled many of the opportunities she welcomed in her groundbreaking career, but saved the most heartfelt words for her family. ..

Avella’s retirement age takes place on July 1st, on her 75th birthday.

But she will continue to work for six months to make decisions if she has heard of it.

Avella was appointed to the Supreme Court 17 years ago after appearing in the Ontario Family Court and the State Court of Appeals.

Born a Holocaust survivor, Abella came to Canada as a refugee with her family.

Abella says her life in law is intellectually fulfilling, but her real life, the life of her heart, depends on the love she feels for her family.