Supreme Court Supreme California Coronavirus Regulations Limiting Home Worship

Washington- Supreme Court Friday shot down California regulatory limits Religious worship at home, The latest in a series of judgments that judges have found that the coronavirus pandemic regulation violates the First Amendment’s religious protection.

The 5-4 unsigned opinion, released shortly before midnight on Friday, highlighted a deep division on this issue. Judge John Roberts Siding with three liberals who opposed it. The court also said it was the fifth time it had overturned the California-based Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. In the same case..

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The state of California has already announced significant changes to ease the restrictions on the rally that will take effect on April 15. Changes will be made after the state’s infection rate has declined. However, the court emphasized that such changes while the dispute was being appealed did not necessarily make the proceeding dispute.

To stop the COVID-19 epidemic, California has banned household rallies in pandemic-affected counties and restricted rallies elsewhere to three or less. The restrictions were challenged by two Christian ministers who wanted to hold Bible studies, prayer meetings and other services in their homes.

The court said California allowed people from more than three households: hairdressers, retailers, cinemas, and restaurants. Given that, the judge said the state would need to show that it would be more dangerous for people to gather at home for religious service than elsewhere.

“If the government allows other activities to take precautions, we must show that the religious movement in question is more dangerous than those activities, even if the same precautions are applied.” The court wrote. “Otherwise, adequate precautions for other activities are sufficient for religious movements.”

Companion, colleague Judge Elena Kagan Written an opposition in which the Associate participatedStephen Breyer Justice Associate Judge Sonia Sotomayor. In it, Kagan argued that a majority of courts undermined state authorities’ ability to deal with public health emergencies.

“California limits religious meetings at home to three households. If the state also limits all secular meetings at home to three households, it complies with the First Amendment. “She wrote.

Kagan argues that worshipers who gather at home are more likely to spend more time there than stores, are more likely to engage in long conversations, and are less likely to wear masks and stay socially distant. Claimed that the majority “continue to ignore law and facts.” Similarly “

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Courts have dealt with a series of cases in which religious groups have challenged restrictions on the coronavirus that affect worship.In the early days of the pandemic, courts upheld state authorities over the objections of religious groups, which changed after the death of liberals. Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg Last September and her change to conservatives Judge Amy Coney Barrett..

The court, which is now a majority of six to three conservatives, began finding other religious groups for the church in the case after first serving as state aides. In this case, the majority included Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Barrett.

Roberts would have denied the minister’s appeal, but he did not explain his reason and he did not participate in Cagan’s dissenting opinion.

November, High Court banned New York from enforcing certain restrictions Attendance at churches and synagogues in areas that were heavily affected by the virus.And in February, it told California about it Indoor church worship cannot be banned Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has so far upheld a ban on singing and chanting indoors.

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