Supreme Court temporarily suspends resumption of Trump’s “remaining in Mexico” program


Supreme Court late Friday Temporarily blocked NS Federal Judge’s Order It would have revived the Trump-era policy of requiring migrants seeking asylum at the southern border to wait in Mexico while their application was pending.

News promotion: Samuel Alito Ministry of Justice issues an order after the Ministry of Justice Asked the court Suspend lower court orders. The suspension will expire on Tuesday night.

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  • A federal judge in Texas last week ordered a reinstatement of the Immigration Protocol (MPP) policy on Saturday, claiming that the Biden administration “did not consider some key factors” before ending the program. ..

  • The Biden administration has appealed this decision to the Fifth US Court of Appeals in New Orleans. However, the court did not allow the delay in resuming the program. Washington Post Report..

What they are saying: In a brief explanation to the Supreme Court, the administration said that resuming the program would “damage US relations with key regional partners, severely disrupt operations on the southern border, and create diplomatic and humanitarian crises. It could cause it. ” ..

Flashback: Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas officially Stopped The June program said the MPP “did not properly or sustainably strengthen border control in a way that justified the widespread operational burden and other shortfalls of the program.”

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