“Surreal in one word”

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow aired an exclusive video on Monday. Serial Liar Congressman George Santos (RN.Y.) He claims he was the target of an assassination plot and was the victim of a robbery on New York’s Fifth Avenue.

“We are already suffering from attempts on my life, assassination attempts, threatening letters, police having to stand in front of our homes, police escorts,” said the then lawmaker-elect on the Brazilian podcast. “Radio Novelo Apresenta” in December.

Santos claimed his Florida home was demolished in January 2021 “because we were in the Republican Party” to celebrate the New Year.

And he said two white men robbed him “in broad daylight” on Fifth Avenue in the summer of 2021, stealing his shoes, watch and briefcase.

“It wasn’t the worst,” he told the podcast host. It’s realistic.”

“Surreal in one word,” Maddow said after showing the footage.

After Santos won a seat in the 2022 midterm elections, it became clear that: he fabricated many of his life stories.

Santos did not respond to Maddow’s request for comment on the allegations, she said. added.

Watch the video here: