Surveillance footage shows a woman remaining distraught after shooting a dog six times while a police officer is responding to a “barking complaint.”

Police officer, American Bully dog.

A Miami-Dade police officer deadly shot an American Bully dog.Getty Images

  • The video shows a Florida police officer deadly shooting a dog while responding to a barking complaint.

  • Miami-Dade police said the investigation was active and open, with dog owners hiring lawyers.

  • Viewers’ discretion is recommended as some people may interfere with the video.

A Florida police officer shot a family dog ​​six times and killed him in response to a barking complaint. NBC6 South Florida said.

Home surveillance footage acquired by CBS4 news It captures an incident in the unincorporated Miami-Dade near Miami Gardens around 7 pm on January 12.

According to CBS4, the video shows an unidentified police officer standing on the driveway of his house, answering a phone call about howling a dog.

You can see two dogs, a white Maltese and a black American Bully, coming out of the house and approaching the policeman.

You can hear the policeman pointing his gun at the dog and asking the homeowner to “grab the dog” in Spanish.

The dog leaves the driveway and runs towards another cop, then the black dog begins to bark and runs over the fence on which the first cop stands.

The policeman then fires six bullets in a row, killing the dog.

The video then shows the man and the woman running away from the house to the police officer, who screams and begins to cry when they see the dead dog.

Miami-Dade police told CBS4 News that this was an aggressive and open investigation, and the outlet reported that the dog owner had hired a lawyer.

Animal rights activists criticized the case, arguing that police officers should be better trained in how to handle animals.

“If the police were properly trained, this wouldn’t have happened. We must do better to protect our four-legged family,” CBS4 said in a statement.

“This eight-month-old puppy, Alpha, did not show aggression and thus did not deserve to die.”

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