Susan Wright Leads in Fierce Competition for US House of Representatives in Texas

Republican Susan Wright, wife of late U.S. Congressman Ron Wright, has taken the lead early in the elections in District 6 of Parliament, and the elections appear ready for the final vote. ..

Around 9 pm, Wright received 16.2% of the votes, according to unofficial figures from the Texas Secretary of State. Next behind her was Republican Rep. Jake Ellzey with 14.7% and Democrat Jana Lynne Sanchez with 14.1%.

Twenty-three candidates are rushing to the North Texas area. It was previously held by the late Congressman Ron Wright, who died in February after the fight against lung cancer and COVID-19. The district includes most of Arlington and Mansfield, as well as all of Ellis and Navarro counties.

The race attracted national attention as a test of the upset of former President Donald Trump in the disputed district. The district has historically been hosted by Republicans, although race candidates on both sides of the aisle believe it is competitive.

There are 11 Republicans, 10 Democrats, and independent Liberal members in action. Given the wide field, the race is expected to be settled between the top two voters. Political observers are watching who is involved in the spill and which party represents which party.

Republican candidates include Susan Wright, Elsey, who ran for seat in 2018, Brian Harrison, who was the Chief of Staff of the Department of Health and Human Services under Trump, and former professional wrestler Dan Rodimmer. Democrats include Sanchez, who ran for seat in 2018 and lost to Wright with less than eight points, Lydia Bean in 2020 Democratic candidate Texas House District 93, and Sean Lasitter, a nonprofit leader and former teacher. I will.

Candidates and their supporters recently filed a final appeal against voters. As early voting was underway, Trump took part in the race and contacted voters at Wright’s Teletown Hall, hosted by the national conservative organization Club for Growth.

“Susan is a devoted conservative who fights for our first American agenda to make America great again,” Trump said on the phone.

The Club for Growth has paid a lot of attention to Wright’s support, questioning the conservative credentials of Jake Elsie. Wright and Elsey have been considered one of the top candidates for the Republican pool. Elsey traveled to the district with former Texas Governor Rick Perry, who was Secretary of Energy under the Trump administration, and defended his record.

“I don’t deal with that and don’t respond. They can do everything they want, but the people I live here in Waxahachie, Texas … don’t respond. It’s a lot like that kind of media, especially that kind of exhibition from our own party, “he said. “Everyone who knows me knows I’m conservative. I’m so proud.”

Sanchez used Facebook on Saturday to encourage district voters and help them turn blue.

“Choose a person in your parliament — vote for me, Jana Lynn Sanchez — choose a member of your school board, your city council and your mayor,” she said on Facebook. Said in the live video of.

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