Suspect arrested for deadly shooting in a tavern in Wisconsin

Kenosha, Wisconsin (AP) —Authorities say three men died and three men were injured early Sunday in connection with a shooting at a busy tavern in southeastern Wisconsin. I am.

Sheriff Sgt, Sheriff’s Office, Kenosha County. David Wright said the suspect was faced with first-class intentional murder charges and additional criminal charges could be filed after further investigation. Authorities previously said they were unsure if there were multiple shooters.

“At this point, there is no threat to the community,” Wright said in the release. He said no further information about the suspect would be released on Sunday.

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth had previously said the suspect had been asked to leave the Summers House tavern in Kenosha County, but returned and fired. Beth said the bullets were fired inside and outside the bar and were “very busy” at the time. He said he believed that at least one pistol was used.

Kenosha is about 30 miles (50 km) south of Milwaukee, not far from the Wisconsin-Illinois border.

Officials initially said the two were injured, but said they were checking with the hospital about people who could have been injured in the shooting. In an updated release, Wright said authorities believed that he “may be a victim of an unknown shooting.”

Beth said two people had died on the scene. The third jumped into the car with the other two, but at that moment the police car was flagged. Police officers took the victim to the hospital, where he was sentenced to death, Beth said.

Investigators are reviewing surveillance videos from the scene, Wright said. The tavern installed a video camera a few years ago, Beth said, but he didn’t know if the surveillance video was from the business.

Wright called it a complex investigation involving several crime scenes.

“The detective tracked multiple reeds and collected evidence of surveillance video across a wide range of neighboring canvases,” he said.

Peter Proski, a man living near the bar, told WLS-TV that he heard the shooting, looked out the window and saw “people running in all directions from the bar.”

“It was just a mess,” he said. “People are just running and people are screaming.”

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers called it a “meaningless tragedy,” and he and his wife said “the affected families, loved ones, and the entire Kenosha community are yet another tragedy of gun violence. I am saddened by the incident and thinking about working on it. “

Was the latest recently A series of shooting Including the killing of 8 people nationwide FedEx Warehouse in Indianapolis On thursday.Four people died in the office last month Taken in California, 8 people were deadly shot Massage business In the Atlanta area, and 10 Died in a shootout At a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado.

The nearby city of Kenosha was a scene of serious anxiety last summer. Jacob Blake after police shoot a young black man, Leave him paralyzed. A white Illinois teenager was accused of shooting and killing two people during a protest in Kenosha.Kyle Rittenhouse in Antioak Indicted for attempted murder and attempted murder In the shooting on August 25th. He pleaded not guilty and said he was fired for self-defense.