Suspect gives couple his ID after stealing and breaking in their money at a hotel in New York

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Times Square AK-47 had just lost his father in a police shootout

A teenage father in Ohio, arrested for an AK-47-style assault rifle at Times Square Station in New York last month, shoots with a police officer after escaping a busy interstate highway in the wrong way. I was killed in the war. Police sources told the New York Post and NBC News. More details about Sardictig’s father came as questions swirled about what the 18-year-old boy was doing in New York City and why he had a weapon. Police have so far released few details about the youth’s plans and his possible motives and are awaiting further investigation. In early March, Columbus police attempted to arrest Sadik’s father, Andrew Teague, on a warrant of violent assault. According to court documents quoted by the local NBC affiliate WCMH at the time, Teague was wanted in the February 2 case and fired more than 12 bullets at his brother. Around 3 pm on March 5, a Columbus police officer tried to pull. He teased over in his car, but he tried to overtake them. The Columbus PD helicopter tracked Teague for over an hour after the supervisor instructed the police to stop tracking. When the sheriff’s lieutenant was pulled behind the stopped Teague, he made a U-turn and pulled to the I-287, driving against a traffic flow of up to 85 mph. A few minutes later, Teague hit the car head-on, paying attention to the other two cars, and finally stopped. “My adrenaline was in a terrible hurry,” one of the drivers, Jeffrey Scale, told WSYX. “My first instinct was to get out of the car before it exploded … I couldn’t really get out of the front door. The side of the car was peeled off and I had to get out of the back seat. The scale and the people in the other two cars did not suffer any life-threatening injuries. At that point, Teague escapes from his car and on foot a policeman chases the shoulders of the interstate highway. Police officers said they fired when Teague crouched as if he was about to start shooting them. Jim Gilbert, Deputy Secretary of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, announced at a press conference at the time that the weapons had been recovered at what Teague believed he had. At that time, the cousin told the post that his parole had driven him “to the edge.” “He went out as much as he could,” his cousin said. Less than six weeks after Teague’s death, his teenage son made a headline for his violation of the law. Sadik Teague was arrested around 12:00 on April 16th. After finding him on an AK-47, at 30 pm by the NYPD Transit Officer patrol at the Times Square subway station. Police said Teague was sitting quietly with his rifle aside to charge his cell phone. The rifle was unloaded, but officials said Teague had a backpack full of magazines and gas masks. Found in a teenage hotel room. Teague reportedly told police that it was legal to carry unloaded weapons in New York City if the ammunition was stored separately. According to police, Teague was visiting the city with a friend. A video posted on the young man’s Instagram page showed him walking around the city with his AK sticking out of his backpack. Other clips seemed to show that Teague and another were harassing a sleeping subway rider, hitting one and throwing water at the other. Commissioner Dermot Shea tweeted after the arrest of Sadik Teague. Sadik’s story was certainly a happier ending than his father’s story, known to his family and friends as Drew. Read the obituary posted on Andrew Teague’s funeral page. “He gives this hidden gift that makes people feel that he is the only one filling his heart, unaware that there are many special areas in his heart just for each of us. Seems to have … Andrew was a vibrant and excited talk about family-owned erection business. He talked about mentoring and re-immigration programs, graphic arts and printing. All family In the name. Unfortunately, this misfortune physically left him out of the plan, but not in the plan itself. “Online launched by the Teague family to help pay for funeral expenses. Fundraising activities fell short of the $ 5,000 target and raised only $ 475. I lost Drew and wasn’t prepared for the high cost of the funeral, “the GoFundMe campaign explained. “I would like to give Drew a worthy monument, honor his memory and say goodbye to the end.” Learn more at The Daily Beast. Put your top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.