Suspect hitting a Korean-American woman in Tustin faces hate crime charges

18 year old woman Orally attacked and physically assault A male suspect at a local skatepark in Tustin, California last Sunday morning.

Jenna Dupuy, a descendant of Koreans and Puerto Ricans, was at the Tustin Legacy Skatepark to teach morning art classes. She approached from a man who made suggestive comments before finally attacking her.

Authorities later identified the attacker as follows: According to Jauhar Tajuddin Shuaib, 42, CBS Los Angeles..

“The man was harassing me hours before the actual assault.” Dupuy told Next Shark. “Comment on my race, how he feels Asian women beautiful and sexy, how I become his next girlfriend, and then where I came from, where I live, I Continue to ask more invasive questions, such as what is your number. “

Shuaib called Dupuya “Comie bitch” a “North Korean prostitutes” When”Nuclear terrorists “ 3 hours she shared Instagram post..

After the art class was over, Dupuis roller skated with his friends. One of the minors shared that Shuaib had verbally harassed her in a similar way.

“No one should be exposed to such improper behavior, so I felt the need to protect her.” Dupuy said.

After standing up for his friend, Shuaibe hit Dupuy in his belly. He continued to attack her and stripped her shirt, even after she sprayed him with pepper.

Shuaib fled the scene before the authorities arrived. He was discovered shortly thereafter and detained. KTLA 5 report.

He was charged with hate crimes, assault, sexually motivated discomfort, assault in public parks, wandering and obstruction of peace.

According to Dupuy, bystanders did not intervene until she was injured. A stranger gave her a shirt to cover herself.

She wrote that after the attack, others eventually helped Dupuy, but the incident should never have happened.

“”This case was motivated by my hatred of race and gender. ” She said. “When joking about the history of my country, white supremacists divide my country in two, level it with bombs, enslave women and fetishize them, and then interfere with my country’s politics. This is the result when you feel right. “

“I shared this on Instagram within 24 hours of the attack because I’m not silent about what happened to me and what happened to my family and community afterwards.”

Dupuy According to a concussion, a fracture of the right ankle, and a fracture of the left scapula during hospitalization last Sunday, GoFundMe campaign Created for her.

The money raised for the campaign will help pay for community self-defense and bystander intervention training classes, treatments, and Dupuy’s medical bills.

“The complacency of our community against anti-Asian violence and the dehumanization / fetishization of the Asian diaspora people affected by patriarchal violence have made this attack possible. . “ Page says.

Those who have also been harassed by Shuaib are advised to contact Tustin Police Detective Eric Haug ((714) 573-3246). If you have any additional information or videos, please contact us.

Feature image via @ jenna.dupuy

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