Suspect named after the Oxford Circus murder

Suspected murder of an old man at Oxford Circus in London on Thursday Named..

The Metropolitan Police Department said Friday that SA5, 25-year-old Teddy Fantahagos from Ravenhill, Swansea, was charged with murder and possession of offensive weapons.

He will be detained in the Magistrates’ Court in Westminster on July 3.

The victim of the knife attack was an unidentified 60-year-old who died in the hospital shortly after being taken to the hospital.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art said a post-mortem examination was scheduled soon.

It was previously said that the case was treated as a random, unprovoked assault, not terrorist-related, and that police officers were not actively looking for someone else.

Hagos was subdued by the general public before police arrived.

Witnesses told PA news agency Thursday that they had seen the public grab the suspect and disarmament it.

A passerby who asked not to name him said the general public “restrained him and put a knife in a cylinder.”

“He was screaming shortly after a man grabbed him and the police held him down, but I couldn’t hear him,” the witness said.

“It was terrible. I didn’t see much. Obviously it was very busy and I noticed something bad happened when people were screaming and shortly after the police were there.”

Vicky Tanstall, Inspector Morse of Specialist Crime Command, said Thursday that Met would like to talk to the intervening civilians, especially “two young men with skateboards who led the intervention.”

Saturday Met released an image of a skateboarder using a skateboard to conquer Hagos after the attack.

Oxford Street Skateboarder Knife Attack
CCTV footage showing two witnesses of a deadly knife attack that played an important role in detaining a murder suspect at the Oxford Circus in London on July 1, 2020. (Metropolitan police)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art said the two did not stop to talk to police officers and their details are unknown.

“Their important role became apparent only after a review of the incident and its aftermath CCTV and other video footage,” Met said. statement..

Tanstall praised the two men on Saturday and asked them to come forward.

“In addition to being very brave, we believe these two individuals may also be important witnesses,” said Tunstall.

“By advancing as they did to arrest violent individuals, they showed great courage and potentially prevented others from being attacked,” he said.

“While they used their power to quell the attackers, I want to make it clear that their actions are perfectly rational and not a problem. They want us to be witnesses. You can only be sure that you want to talk to them as. “

Tunstall has previously asked witnesses, and anyone with a cell phone or dashcam footage of the incident, to come forward.

PA contributed to this report.

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