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How a COVID-infected cruise ship evolved into a class struggle

On the final night of a two-week cruise anchored at HBO Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan and Japan, more than 3,700 passengers and crew on board the Diamond Princess ship received a message from the captain. A Hong Kong resident who traveled from Yokohama to Hong Kong for five days with Diamond Princess was notified that he had tested positive for the coronavirus, “he announced. “As you can see, the situation is controlled, so don’t worry.” But, as history quickly shows, it was far from the fact. After several weeks of quarantine, more than 700 people tested positive for COVID-19 and 14 passengers died by the time guests and workers were allowed to leave the ship. HBO’s new documentary, The Last Cruise, premiered on March 30 and directed by Hanna Olsson, revisits what’s called a “totally chaotic” situation with footage of cruise passengers and crew, and the virus I caught in real time how the ship burst. Passengers elaborate on how the cheerful and long-awaited vacation quickly became anxious and frightening. Of a life-threatening virus. They photographed the peaceful days trapped in the cabin and underwent a nasal swab examination. Also, when the COVID test returned positive, the partner was taken to the hospital by a doctor in a hazmat suit. The Ina Garten and Melissa McCarthy cocktail special is an instant serotonin boost, while the crew takes the viewer down the deck. There, workers who were already operating at low wages and under harsh conditions had to fill a collective panic when the boat entered the quarantine and did their best to maintain it. HBO documentary Olson, who also oversaw Baby God Bless You, a fertility abuser, Dr. Quincy Fortier, said Daily Beast had hundreds of hours of footage from passengers and crew and was working with them. When he first started making a movie in March last year, Olson was drawn to this early pandemic story before the world really knew what this deadly virus would bring, and Olson said something big was about to happen. I said I felt it. “No one knew how much our lives would change forever, but in the early days I think we knew enough that the origin story remained interesting,” she said. “This was the first major COVID-19 outbreak outside of China, so it was the first time we knew it was approaching or expanding beyond Wuhan.” A huge pile of footage from every deck, from every level of the social hierarchy, “added Olson. “I think it was a story about what was happening in the crisis and how to talk about it.” COVID was reported when Diamond Princess embarked on a Southeast Asian tour on January 20th. There were only 4 cases. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Chinese passengers did not pay attention to the virus, and why do they do so? Princess Cruises ensured that guests were safe, and the US government didn’t seem to take the issue very seriously. Two days after the WHO report, former President Donald Trump said the United States was “in full control” of the virus. “That would be fine,” he assured the American people. Filmed their vacation while they explored the market and kayaked in the idyllic waters. Some even ridiculed local officials who measured their temperature as they got off the boat and began asking questions. An old couple explained that while docking in Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year, the family warned them not to get off the boat due to the increased number of COVID cases. “We were like’what?’. We didn’t hear anything about this,” the guest said. “At that time, we were thinking, [we’re] Wear a mask and experience Asia! Even when the captain announced on February 3, 2020 that the test was positive, he was being treated and the common area was still lively, the footage from the ship was that the boat was operating normally. It shows that. The dining room is full and entertainers interact with guests. Even after Japanese health officials boarded the ship to perform COVID tests on passengers, people left the room and continued as if everything was normal, but eventually reality began and mood. Has changed. Guests were said to be quarantined in the room and began filming their reaction to the steadily increasing number of infected passengers. In a clip that appears to have been sent to a loved one, they provide the latest information on the virus and joking about the movie “Groundhog Day” being available on TV. Viewers experience a panic with their guests. “I wanted it to be an experience film that would bring viewers back to the emotions we all had in the early days of the pandemic: denial, confusion, and fear of not knowing what was happening.” It was really important not to be a film expert, “she continued. “I wanted to limit the information the viewers had to what the boaters knew at the time. The news coverage at the time was fascinating due to the lack of information. I think that’s part of what was so scary. ”There is a noticeable difference in the attitudes of the crew and passengers who treated the quarantine like a long vacation. .. They complained about desserts and how room service wasn’t up to date. “I was really worried about the crew. To me, they weren’t as friendly as they were … it was more business-like,” said one traveler. His wife agreed and chimed, “They weren’t getting any hints anymore.” However, the crew still worked long, providing severe shifts and three meals a day to passengers, while knowing that they were being directly harmed. “We felt that only the rich would take care of it,” explained the pastry chef. “Why are we still working when the virus isn’t the only threat to passengers?” That’s another attraction of Olson’s story, she said the virus was on the social side. He explained that he was interested in how it works. “Cruise ships have a built-in caste system with passengers and crew, and there is a hierarchy between the crew,” she said. “It was a way to see how this crisis affected people of different social statuses in different classes.” HBO “At the same time the ship is being quarantined, the crew is still working. I read that I was eating in a shared canteen, sleeping in a crowded area under the waterline, and delivering 3,000 meals a day. I said, “Wait, they aren’t quarantined. Is it? ”So who can be counted as human? For me, this was about who would enter the shelter, who would enter the quarantine, and who would have to be a human shield, “Olson explained. The crew became a “de facto nurse” to take care of the guests, even though they did not sign up to be placed in that position. “That experience reflects what we saw later with so many key workers. Grocery workers are expected to continue working. What is the reason? They need money. That’s why. It’s the same with boats. We couldn’t rely on anyone because everyone depends on these jobs. One of the most unpleasant elements of the Diamond Princess story is that COVID is essentially It was a case study of how it works and spreads, but the US government didn’t. Act on it. Scientists and medical professionals have the virus floating in the air and nothing. It was from Diamond Princess that symptomatic people still knew that others could be infected with the virus. [and to] Stay home when you feel sick [and] I was watching the CDC ride a Diamond Princess in a hazmat suit, “she said. “The boat probably made the same mistakes as us six weeks ago, so it feels like a kind of microcosm. Just ask. The information was there, it just didn’t act.” Read more on The Daily Beast. Did you get a hint? Send it to The Daily Beast here. Put your top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.

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