Suspected death of Trooper in Iowa may have caused traffic outages


Associated Press (AP) — A man charged with murdering a sergeant in Patrol, Iowa Standoff According to police reports, he may have chased an angry police officer and fueled a violent confrontation.

According to a summary of an interview Kneehouse gave to investigators, Michael Lang speeded up to Grundy Center reserve Cody Kneehaus on the main street of a small town in Iowa on the evening of April 9, 25 mph. Moved through the zone at 38 mph.

Knee house History of feud According to the report, he was with the police when he passed the police officer about a block from the bar at the Grandy Center. Kneehouse mailed Lang a few days ago a notice of trespassing on the March 31 incident when Lang returned to a bar in Scotty Saloon, despite being banned from harassment.

“Because of this incident, Knee House thought Lang was angry with him, and Lang knew he was in office and trying to pull him out to Knee House,” the interview summary said. “Kneehouse was initially hesitant about stopping Michael Lang, but eventually decided to open the road closure.”

A summary of the interview, produced by the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation, was recently published in a court filing. It provides the most comprehensive description of the April 9th ​​tracking, which was the previous subject. Incomplete and inconsistent version.

According to the prosecutor, Lang shot dead the sergeant. Jim Smith was less than two hours after Knee House pulled him for speeding.

After fleeing the knee house and pursuing at high speed, Lang assaulted police and returned to his home at Grundy Center to barricade, officials said. They say he fatally shot Smith, a 27-year patrol veteran, when he led a team of police officers in the house to arrest him.

The conflict lasted for hours while the two policemen were hiding in Lang’s basement. Later, after the negotiations broke down, soldiers in armored personnel carriers invaded the house, and they fired at Lang after allegedly firing at Lang.Lang Shot 3 times It’s on my head and chest, but I survived. The prosecutor ruled that it was justified that the three troopers shot the rung.

Lang, 41, has been charged with assaulting security personnel for attempted murder and suffocation of Knee House on suspicion of firing at Trooper, a first-class murder of Smith. He has pleaded not guilty to these charges. The prosecution recently added charges related to escape, speeding, and tracking of driving without an interlock. This is what Lang needed for his car for the history of drunk driving.

Lang is waiting for a trial in Waterloo’s Black Hawk County Prison. Judges are considering whether to allow their request to access Lang without security guards. We will soon request a change of location for the trial from the county.

The new report describes how traffic outages, including Lang and Knee House, escalated rapidly.

After Knee House turned on the lights, Lang refused to stop the pickup truck he was driving and “started fast,” the report said. During subsequent pursuits, both vehicles It has reached a speed of 87 mph. Eventually Lang got out of the car on a country road, approached a kneehouse police car and shouted to the police, “Shoot many times.”

Kneehouse told Lang that he didn’t want to shoot himself, and Lang grabbed the policeman’s radio in an attempt to call for a backup. As the two began to push and push, bystanders yelled at Lang to distract him.

Kneehouse was able to fire a stun gun, but Lang pulled the probe out of his body, tore the device out of the police’s hands, stripped Kneehouse’s coat, and began choking from behind, the report said.

The policeman managed to get out of Lang’s grip and ran into a bystander’s car, but he collapsed and told the arriving sheriff’s deputy that Lang was trying to kill him. When he visited, a doctor told him that Lang’s suffocation “may have cut off the blood supply” to his neck.

Smith is the second person shot dead while on duty as a soldier in Iowa since 1936.