“Sweet dreams are made.” Excuse me, what? The “Wheel of Fortune” mistake proves to be costly

Mispronunciation of the famous Eurythmics song was costly to the “Wheel of Fortune” contestants who may have misunderstood the lyrics for many years.

When Kris Bryant decided to settle on Tuesday, March 16th, he correctly guessed almost all of the remaining characters in the lyrics puzzle of his song.

“S_eet_reams is Ma_eO_This” Read the puzzle.. The lyrics are from the 1983 song “Sweet Dreams (Made of This)” sung by Annie Lennox of Eurythmics, a British new wave music duo.

But Bryant, like many others, thought Lenox was singing different lyrics in the song.

“Sweet dreams are made of these,” Bryant speculated and mistakenly said “these” instead of “this.”

He missed an additional $ 4,050 in prize money, but Entertainment Tonight said he Still, the winner of the day is $ 26,405.

It turns out that others have misunderstood the lyrics over the last few years.

“I don’t believe it until Annie Lennox himself confirms that the lyrics are’Sweet Dreams is made of this’.” One Twitter user said. “The’Wheel of Fortune’doesn’t make me think I’ve been listening to those lyrics incorrectly for nearly 40 years.”

“Sweet dreams are made of’this?'” Another user said.. “I was old today when I learned that’these’ weren’t the correct lyrics.”

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