Swiss embassy asks Chinese media to remove articles about scientists


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The Swiss embassy said it must inform the Chinese people of false news

The Swiss embassy in China has requested the Chinese media to remove articles and posts that contain “false” news.

The embassy said in a Twitter post that there probably wasn’t a Swiss biologist allegedly recently quoted in the Chinese media.

The state press was one of the articles that included comments from “Wilson Edwards” about the origin of Covid-19 and WHO independence.

Since then, many outlets have removed references to him.

“We are grateful for our attention, but unfortunately the Swiss embassy must inform the Chinese people that this news is incorrect,” the Swiss embassy said in a statement posted on Twitter. ..

Organizations such as CGTN, Shanghai Daily and Global Times quoted so-called biologists based on their Facebook profile.

However, according to the Swiss embassy, ​​the Facebook account was opened two weeks ago and had only three friends.

“This Facebook account is likely not opened for social networking purposes,” the Swiss embassy added.

The mission said there was no register of Swiss citizens named “Wilson Edwards” and no academic papers by that name.

In one article the BBC saw before the change, “Wilson Edwards” is called a Swiss biologist.

The line of the China Daily article says:[Wilson Edwards] In his Facebook account, he said: “As a biologist, I was amazed at how Covid-19’s origin tracking was politicized over the past few months.”

In the modified version, all references to Wilson Edwards have been removed.

Shanghai Daily Digital Platform Shine said in a post: “European biologists are fronted by the surprising claim that the World Health Organization (WHO) advisory group on tracking the origin of pathogens, including the virus responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic, will be a” political tool. ” Came out in.

Biologists are worried about “WHO independence,” adding that “the United States is obsessed with attacking China on the issue of origin tracking and is reluctant to look at data and findings. “.

The Swiss Embassy has assured readers that the dissemination of the article was in good faith, but requested that the article be deleted or amended.