Switch is the first host platform in Japan to sweep the weekly Famitsu game sales list in 33 years


Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

With the launch of the new generation of PlayStation 5, presumably in the birthplace of Japan, should PS5 games also have good sales, right? But the fact is far from it.according to IGN report,Weekly game sales rankings of the well-known Japanese video game weekly “Famitsu” on August 8Above, from the first “Minecraft” to the last “Super Mario Creator 2”, all 30 of them are Switch games. This is the first time since the Famicom era in 1988, the entire ranking has been organized by a host platform.

If it were a single manufacturer, Nintendo had many times in the 90s with the combination of Famicom, Super Famicom and Game Boy dominating the sales chart. However, with the expansion of the game market, it has become more and more difficult for not only a single platform to monopolize the rankings. It’s not easy for a single company to dominate the rankings, so this Switch’s achievement is really rare. To some extent, perhaps as an old platform that has been launched for four years, here is the advantage of the Switch-affected by the global chip shortage, PlayStation and Xbox are both in the stage of not being connected, while the Switch is relatively It is in its golden age, with a large user base and a large number of games launched. Of course, the recent epidemic in Japan has begun to heat up, which may also stimulate consumers to buy one or two games first and prepare to kill time at home.

However, Famitsu’s sales rankings only reflect the situation in Japan. Of course, the Japanese market is different from other markets in the world, whether it is the influence of the old man or the uniqueness of its taste. However, this still shows that the latest and most advanced host platform will not necessarily sell the best. Cooperating with a good game and a good platform is the only way to expand the ecosystem.