Sydney man claims over $ 20 million in tax fraud


A man from the southwestern part of Sydney will be the 14th person to be charged with elaborate $ 20 million tax fraud and money laundering operations.

A 54-year-old Earlwood man appears in the Downing Center District Court on Tuesday and is charged with recklessly handling more than $ 100,000 in criminal proceeds.

The biggest penalty for this breach is 10 years in prison.

Australian Federal Police issued a court attendance notice to men on September 9 as part of an investigation into a vast criminal syndicate that used worker employment and salary companies related to the construction and construction industry to deceive the federal government. bottom.

The syndicate survey began in December 2018. This is the result of AFP investigators tracking information identified through many other organized criminal investigations.

AFP has partnered with the Serious Financial Crimes Task Force to target a plot to suck up the money that should have been paid to the Australian Tax Office.

The man was alleged in court to have received and owned a total of $ 456,150 from illegal planning.

AFP allegedly used two personal bank accounts to receive money from five other entities established to promote fraudulent programs.

The man is also alleged to have been the only director and secretary of a corporate entity that received payment from another entity established by Syndicate to wash illegally misappropriated money as part of the scheme.

AFP detective Matthew Sianter said the growing list of people accused under Operation Bolderon emphasized the tenacity of AFP investigators to uncover the full range of criminal offenses committed by this syndicate. Stated.

“These new accusations underscore our commitment to ensure that serious criminal activity is taken into account and to others in the professional services industry seeking to promote organized criminal activity. Acts as another warning. “