Sydney rolls out new type of charging station to boost adoption of electric vehicles

The City of Sydney, Australia, has launched its first pole-mounted electric vehicle (EV) charger as part of a plan to improve the adoption of electric vehicles in Australia by installing 30,000 similar stations across the country.

distribution company oath gridcharging infrastructure company EVX and the City of Sydney unveiled a new EV charger on February 27.

The EV charger was installed on a pole in the inner western suburbs of Glebe as Ausgrid expanded the pilot program to major cities after the project started in Newcastle in December 2022.

“Glebe is exactly the kind of suburb where the demand for this solution will grow in the years to come. Mark England Said.

“We believe that once communities see charging infrastructure like this near their homes, they will be more confident that their next vehicle will be an EV.”

What is a more convenient EV charging solution for city dwellers?

Pole-mounted chargers can be deployed faster and cheaper than curbside charging stations, Ausgrid said, saving space in cities and lessening the impact on surrounding communities.

The company plans to deploy 30,000 similar stations across Australia by 2029.

“We know EV penetration will continue to grow and it is our role as distributors to make this transition as easy and cost-effective as possible,” England said.

Sydney Mayor Clover Moore said placing chargers on utility poles would not take up “valuable space on roads and sidewalks” and help reduce the carbon footprint of transport.

“The city is committed to lowering barriers to the uptake and use of electric vehicles, especially by increasing access to charging facilities.” Moore said.

Epoch Times photo
Nissan Leaf charging station in Melbourne, Australia, July 11, 2019. (Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

Additionally, the mayor said the new charging facility will help apartment dwellers feel more confident about adopting EVs.

“Not everyone in our community has access to private parking, so we are excited to meet the challenge of providing on-street charging capacity,” said Moore.

EV owners, on the other hand, will need to download the EVX app when using the new charger.

There is also a flat rate of $0.5 (0.34 USD) per kilowatt-hour.

By the end of 2022, it is estimated that there will be 4,943 EV charging stations in Australia, a 44.8% increase from a year ago.

City of Sydney Plans for Electrification of Transport System

The launch of the new EV charger sydney city council announced plans to electrify the city’s transportation system.

Municipal authorities in central Sydney and surrounding areas aim to make all vehicles operating in the region CO2-free by 2035.

To achieve this goal, the Council has outlined five key actions to be taken in partnership with the New South Wales and Commonwealth Governments.

Specifically, we will continue to increase the number of EVs we own, including cleaning vehicles and service vehicles.

The City Council currently has 19 fully electric and 73 hybrid vehicles, as well as 1 fully electric truck and 2 garbage trucks.

In addition, we will work with state and federal governments to lower the price of EVs and accelerate the electrification of public transportation.

Plan management is another important aspect of planning, as the city council seeks to develop ways to make all new developments EV-friendly and convert older apartments with EV chargers.

The council has also committed to doubling the number of chargers in its own car parks and increasing the number of off-street charging stations.