Sydney Town Hall Station Closed Due to Police Operation

Town Hall, one of Sydney’s busiest stations, was evacuated and closed on Wednesday for nearly two hours after police searched for nearly an hour.

Police attacked the station shortly before 11:00 am and demanded that passengers evacuate and blockade the station.

All trains passing through Town Hall Station were blocked, and Sydney Trains warned passengers to check for app updates in anticipation of delays on most lines.

“Please delay a non-essential trip or arrange an alternative mode of transportation,” Sydney Trains warned earlier on Twitter. “If you have to travel, there is a big delay.”

A New South Wales police spokesman had previously confirmed to that the station had been threatened, and police were sweeping the entire station “as a precaution”.

Police then said that the surgery had ended with nothing found in two consecutive updates around 12:00 pm.

“The report of the suspicious package is incorrect. Police are continuing a preventative investigation into the area,” he said. Twitter post Of NSW police.

“The police operation at Town Hall Station ended without finding anything.”

The train is now stopping again at Town Hall Station, but a major flow delay is affecting the Sydney Trains network, causing a change in stop patterns. Buses were arranged to supplement the train in several places.

“Service is now reopening, but previous police activity at the City Hall is expected to slow the flow,” the Sydney Trains warned.

“Thank you for your understanding. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

The reason for the operation is not yet clear, but NSW police have promised to renew the public as soon as possible, AAP reported.